Not much goes on during the winter, but behind closed doors is where most of the work goes on to make each of our cars ready for the coming summer. Most by now have taken their cars off the road, replaced by the winter daily's which you'll see soon, so that our plans can be put into action. Our aim is for everything to be complete for the 2500 mile round trip to Lake Worthersee, Austria in May next year. Some jobs are big, some are small, but all take time and as I'm sure you know, nothing will go to plan... Here's a look at what some of the FWM are getting up to over the coming months.

Jake's Golf has reached the last leg of his build, the engine and box are now out and have been sent for cleaning, soon to be stroked with a 2 litre bottom end plus a race-road cam fitted for some extra ponies. Whilst that's going on the engine bay itself will see some TLC, with parts being moved around to free up some space and some smoothing going to clean things up. Things are going well so far and there's talk of some gearbox adjustments to change how the car might deliver its power, time will tell.

Over the bridge in Wales Scott's dreamy looking garage is being put to good use. Hes got engine bay plans too, which got underway in the past few weeks, again like Jake its getting some nip & tuck to make the bay look tidier, with some smoothing going on as well. VW's managed to fit a few more wires and hoses under there in the 15 years difference between the two cars...

A somewhat unfortunate turn of events means Charlie has a fair bit of repair work to do this winter. Firstly damage sustained after hitting a cats eye on the way back from a hillclimb at Shelsley Walsh left a rather big hole in the bottom of the engine, temporarily patched, a sump replacement is needed and is first on the list, along with fitting of some engine raisers and a sump guard.

His set of AC Schnitzer Type 1 wheels took a beating at the end of the season as well, so will need to be professionally repaired ready for the big drive come May. Other than that there's some minor bodywork needed to be sorted, and some modifications to the engine to squeeze a little more performance from it.

p.c Mark Rodway

p.c Mark Rodway

Jake's E36 engine swap is well underway, the replacements been stripped down, properly cleaned and is back looking factory fresh. Next up is the block, then its back together and getting bolted in the car, simples... He's also giving his BBS RC009s a refurb, they've been split down to be re-polished and the centres sprayed a different colour for 2017.

Everything seems like a slow process during the winter months but as things start coming together we'll post more updates.

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