Behind the dream

2y ago


Photos by Malene Raith
"Did we just leave the ground?!" I shout, laughing to my colleague in the red Ford Mustang GT Fastback.
"I did, but I could not see you ..." he laughs back through the noise of the roaring V8 engines.
We are interrupted by wild cheers from the film folk standing on the hilltop, that we just forced at full speed.
The reaction is not to be mistaken. We both flew.

Getting ready ...

I am sitting in the hot sun behind the wheel of a wild pony. In the car next to me sits a horse. With yellow smoke coming out of the tailpipes.
At the finish line a man is waving a checkered flag dressed as a fart cushion, while a cute puppy happily is walking about in the grass.
And if you think it sounds a little bit freaky, it's not because I've eaten mushrooms. No, it’s just because I'm placed in the middle of a dream.
The dream is not mine, but belongs to a 7-year-old girl who wants to be a race driver one day. And that’s what we are making a film about.

"The reaction is not to be mistaken. We both flew ..."


The film is supposed to create awareness about the project Go Creative, that through art and culture strengthen children and young people in Denmark, and help them develop as individuals who dare to follow their dreams. Regardless of social, economic and geographical background.
Everyone's dreams can be realized.
"We need a female racedriver, will you help us?" You don’t have to ask me twice if I want to do a little racing. Especially not when it's in the new Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with 421 horsepower. And the de-li-cious V8 sound.
The answer is obviously yes, and that's why I end up here in the sunshine on the small track on the countryside with a smile from ear to ear. Racing lap after lap at full speed with squealing tires in the turns.

Trying to make a ... Horsie?

"The horse by my side is completely unaffected by it all, but it has also had the same expression on its face throughout the day ..."


I take the helmet off and open the roof. My car is a convertible, but my colleague in the car next to me is driving the Fastback, and the only thing he can remove is his horse mask.
Former racing driver Jacob Dalby can only see the road through a narrow gap in the mouth on the hot plastic mask, but fortunately he does not have to wear it all the time. That would make it impossible for him to drift in the turns, make donuts and do the heavy burnout.
Ford Mustang GT has a pretty wild program for making the tires smoke that afterwards turns the rear wheels into black slimy paste. In fact, the smoke is so intense, that it can not be used in the film.

Smokin' ...

Yellow dream smoke from the tailpipes works so much better in girls dreams.
"Stop ... stop, stoop ..." We have only driven a few meters when the panic occurres. "The car is on fire ...!"
Yes, well, the new Ford Mustang GT is actually allways on fire but mostly metaphorically speaking. This is differently real.
The smoke capsules, located in the exhaust pipes of Jacob Dalbys Mustang, have in fact overheated and cought fire, sending orange flames licking up the rear of the car.
Fortunately there is a powder extinguisher ready and quickly, but not without drama, the fire is put out leaving the surroundings effectively covered in yellow smoke.
Not exactly the effect that was desired, but the few seconds of footage, we however got, are fully usable.

Oh, the things that can be created in a snap by the many weird props in a filmtruck. I end the day with the most adorable puppy in my arms, little (and big) girls love that, on top of the podium with the air full of golden confetti.
It's movie magic at its best!
The horse by my side is completely unaffected by it all, but it has also had the same expression on its face throughout the day.
Eventhough I am no match for racing talent beside me, I still got my dream fulfilled to finally stand on top of the podium. Well, yes, it only happened because it said so in the script, but that did’nt make the experience less great.

You can watch the film here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENKMnh51T58