Behind the scenes of the GT cars video

4y ago
- The test stemmed from the new Aston Martin DB11, which is an undeniably wonderful GT car - arguably the best of its kind on sale today.
- The question was, what can really be considered as a GT car in this day and age? The McLaren 570GT, for example is clearly styling itself as a Grand Turismo, but is it one?
- While the new Porsche Panamera Turbo doesn't claim to be a GT I think it has certain GT credentials given that it can cover long distances in comfort but also be entertaining on a decent stretch of road.
- The blurry thing in the foreground is a Sony FS7, in case you were wondering.
- And the man who can't afford ankle coverage is DT's expert film maker, James Gough.
- Three rather different profiles
- The Panamera Turbo is remarkably good in the corners. It will even indulge in a bit of entertaining oversteer if you get it right.
- Not much room for picking up hitch hikers in the 570. Or cameramen.
- You can feel the bit of extra push at the front of the GT compared to the S, but it is still very much the sportscar of this trio.
- No Lamborghinis in this test.
- Even specced up, the Porsche is easily the cheapest of the trio, with prices starting at £115k. The Aston and the McLaren are relatively similar in price, both starting at about £155k.
- None of them are what you would call parsimonious in their fuel consumption.
- What, you might wonder, is the McLaren doing here...
- Well, Rydale Garages in Kirkbymoorside very kindly let us use their jet wash to sluice the Yorkshire grime from our three GTs. If you live near the Moors and you're in the market for a Kia or Vauxhall then you know where to go...
- It attracted a bit of attention.
- A soapy bottom.
- Good knee bend, firm two handed grasp on the lance... it's clearly not the first time.
- The optional PCCB front discs and callipers on the Porsche look as though they could slow down the rotation of the planet.
- One word sums up this photo: Glamour.
- The DB11 is lovely, but this interior screams retirement home.
- The Panamera Turbo's fascinating unfolding rear wing
- From this angle you can really see how the headlights mimic the swoopy Star Trek McLaren badge.
- The new Panamera definitely has more of a four-door 911 look to it, but it's not pretty like the DB11 and 570GT
- With a 0-60mph time of just 3.4 seconds, the Panamera beats the DB11 to the benchmark speed by half a second. Perhaps not entirely surprising given the traction advantages of all-wheel drive, but impressive nonetheless.
- The McLaren, as you might imagine, is quicker than both the others, reaching 60mph in just 3.3 seconds.
- To be honest, this doesn't provide a great deal of extra luggage space and you invariably get wet/muddy leaning over to put stuff in. But regardless of the extra practicality, it's worth having for the beautiful sleekness it gives the rear of the car
- I won't give away the conclusion to the test here, but...
- ...if you haven't seen the video then just click on the link...

While we were filming the Aston Martion DB11, McLaren 570GT and Porsche Panamera Turbo in Yorkshire, Alex Tapley also took some rather lovely photos

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Comments (5)

  • Aston Martin's don't take bad photos

      4 years ago
  • dream job! Great review and a cool look behind the the scenes

      4 years ago
  • Beautiful cars,beautiful photos

      4 years ago
  • that's all very well and good but for me and my price options it's either an 05 maseratti gransport or a db9 from the same year....i probably don't have very long to decide and will just end up losing out on both.....just as well my SUV needs a lot of work before winter and there isn't a garage for those cars to live in during those months anyway

      4 years ago