Behold: a new Studio toolbar is now live

We made something that was already simple, simpler. Why? Some will say that we have nothing else to do, but the truth is that we like it nice and easy. Meet our new Studio toolbar.

What have you done with all of the other icons?

We invoked some spirits, brewed magic potions, kissed some frogs, and grouped them into smart menus.

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How do I use it?

Go to Studio, create an Article, add your headline, summary, and copy. Then, click on the plus sign to open the toolbar. Click once to open the menu you want (Media or Polls) and click again to close it.

I see something new. What is a Rank?

A Rank is a poll that allows the taker to pick their answers in an ordered fashion. Sounds fancy, but it's just a few taps. You can learn more about Rank polls here.

I don't see anything new!

Hold shift and click on your browser's refresh button.

I have no idea of what you are talking about, where can I ask for help?

Leave a comment below or DM any staff or ambassador.

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