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Here are the top three most liked spots from the spotting feature on the DriveTribe app from April 12th-19th!

3w ago

Another great week of spots posted to our spotting feature on the DriveTribe app! Here are the the top highest rated spots, as voted by you guys, posted to our Spotting tab on the DriveTribe app. Reminder: this is a weekly competition where the winner earns Β£20, and the two runner-ups score a load of Tribecoin!

This week's grand prize winner of Β£20 is...

Congrats to Luca J-V for this amazing DeLorean spot!

Second place and the winner of a load of Tribecoin is...

Congrats to Elija Frank for this very cool Ferrari Dino spot!

And the third place winner who also gets a load of Tribecoin is...

Congrats to Dan Wyatt for this very special 1962 Porsche 718 spot!

A final congrats to these three and a thank you to everyone who posted a spot on the DriveTribe app this week! Remember, if you didn't win this week there's always next week!

One last reminder: I do not pick the winners myself, they were simply the highest rated by the DriveTribe community on the app during this week.

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