Behold these special McLaren Senna GTR LM's

These McLaren Sennas pay homage to the McLaren F1 GTR that was the star of the show of 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans

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The McLaren F1 has been an integral part of the British carmaker's motorsport history. It's the car that has dominated many races. A very nice example of the F1's motorsport dominance is the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans where the McLaren F1 GTRs crossed the line 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th.

Five lucky customers requested MSO to make 5 very special Sennas to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Le Mans victory in 1995. And guess what? MSO said yes. The result is the McLaren Senna GTR LM editions. 5 McLaren Sennas which have stolen our soul.

These cars have been blessed with the same Inconel exhaust system, twin-exhaust pipes plaque featuring the chassis number of the F1 GTR from which the car is inspired. These Sennas also feature OZ Racing wheels coupled with gorgeous golden brake calipers and suspension wishbones. Lovely.

What's more, the 4.0 litre V8 engine has higher grade steel and valve spring retainers which help in 65% weight reduction. The cars also have a rev limit of 9,000 rpm! WOW. Let's take a look at each car one by one.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/1

As many might have guessed from its charcoal grey livery featuring the Ueno Clinic logo, this car pays tribute to the McLaren F1/01R, also known as ‘The Ueno Clinic car’. The Ueno car was the winner in 1995.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/6

This Senna features McLaren's iconic yellow Harods livery, the Senna GTR LM 825/6 pays a perfect homage to the McLaren F1/06R - the car which had a transmission problem due to which it could finish only 3rd.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/2

Ahh... a Gulf livery. What else do you need? When we talk about glorious motorsport achievments, it's hard not to talk about a car featuring a Gulf livery. And so here we are, with the Senna GTR LM 825/2, a car which is inspired by the McLaren F1/02R.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/7

The McLaren F1/07R finished just behind the 'Gulf car' and the Senna GTR LM 825/7 looks just like that car. Featuring the same royal blue livery, the owner of this car wanted the car to be French themed and wanted the bright LeMans blue colour on the car.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/5

And to round things off we have this: the Senna GTR LM 825/5 featuring the 'Cesar' livery. Paying homage to the McLaren F1/05R that finsihed 13th, it took MSO so much time to paint this, that they stopped recording the time.

Everyone at McLaren loves these Sennas and each one bears a speicla place in their heart. Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive says, The incredible cars of the McLaren Senna GTR LM collection are an exceptionally fitting way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Le Mans victory in 1995".

Ansar Ali, Managing Director of McLaren Special Operations, proudly said that, “The McLaren Senna GTR LM project has been a labour of love for nearly two years; we have gone to great lengths not only to perfect the engineering aspects of the cars, but also to gain co-operation from brand holders and partners to maximise authenticity.”

All these 5 cars will soon be delivered to five lucky souls soon.

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