Being an official ambassador : a new adventure

What a wonderful day I had being an official ambassador for the motoring lifestyle and France! With my mates, we're so excited to promote your contents. All the aspects are really interested in the way the motoring means a lot of lifestyles. You can drive an electric car, a petrol car, a SUV, a pickup, a motorbike or a supercar, you have a specific lifestyle.

Don't worry, it's not a negative or a positive opinion. You should just be proud. You can share your automotive feelings driving cars or wearing some clothes/watches from the motoring brands. Just be yourself! The ambassadors are here to promote your contents according the ambassadorship rules.

James May explains you this feeling being himself a petrolhead who wears clothes from the famous motoring brands.

With my mate, Clemsie McKenzie, we're proud of saying you we represent the French ambassadorships. We're going to work hard finding out the best and original French drivetribers' contents. Don't be afraid of writing in French. You can continue to write in English too. There are Spanish, Russian and Greek articles on DT!

We're here to encourage you sharing your automotive thoughts. The guys from Bagnole Bagnole are one of the best examples. The drivetribers miss them after a long silence. They'll be back with new and hilarious episodes. If you're a French native speaker or a French speaker from the world, you're welcome! We're here for helping you!

Thanks again Jonathan, Lucy and all the members of DT staff for choosing me as an ambassador. You realize great things. I cannot forget the trio, CHM (Clarkson, Hammond and May), who gives me a chance to be there with you.

Who are the ambassadors? What are the rules about the ambassadorships? Click on the link to understand the changes :

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