- Caught doing 696KMH?! - Image from @PerlesRaresFoozine

Belgium Man Is Fined For Driving At 696KMH!

1y ago


By Phil Bradley

The speeding ticket image above could be one of a few things. Either someone has taken a rocket out on the road, Koenigsegg have been attempting a new production car record, or the speed camera simply just malfunctioned. Unfortunately, the final option is the case in this story.

A Belgian man was travelling through the town of Quiévrain, where he passed a speed camera at 60KMH in a 50KMH speed limit. The camera flashed, but malfunctioned, recording a speed of 696KMH. The fine issuer didn't appear to notice the mistake either, as the driver was handed a fine amounting to €6,597!

The offence was committed in an Opel Astra! - Image from @PerlesRaresFoozine

The driver took the fine to police, who subsequently ripped up the fine as it was incorrect. The driver can now however expect a smaller fine for the 10KMH that he was actually travelling over the limit! The car that committed the offence was an Opel Astra!

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