The legendary V10 supercar was delivered to customers in December 2010.

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The Lexus LFA is one of those cars that has won hearts of many people all around the world and is widely accepted as a modern classic. So, it is definitely worth celebrating happy 10 years of this legendary machine by going through the story of how it came into being.

The LFA served the purpose of showcasing the limits of what Lexus was capable of doing in the Supercar segment. In 2005, Lexus revealed the LF-A concept car in the North American International Auto Show. It had an aluminium chassis, but it was ditched when the second LF-A concept was released in 2007, along with the IS F super-saloon (Lexus’s first ever “F” car) benchmarking the BMW M3. The new 2007 concept used a Carbon Tub which was lighter, stiffer and stronger than aluminium. I reckon the concept LFA looked nowhere near as good as the production car; to me it still looks a bit too unexciting, for what was to be an exciting V10 supercar.

Bad it may have looked in concept form, but fast forward to October 2009, the LFA is revealed to the world in production at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, as Lexus’s first ever super-sports car and the fact that it looked better than the concept car was undeniable. It came with the glorious 4.8 litre V10 engine producing 560 horsepower (It still is one of the best sounding engines in the entire world), coupled with a 6 speed Single Clutch Automated Manual Gearbox. It was claimed that the LFA capable of doing the 0-100km/h (0-62 mph) sprint in about 3.7 seconds and that it could achieve a top speed of 325 km/h (202 mph). Its engineering brilliance, attention to detail and the way it drove are a few among the many things for which the LFA has been praised by almost everyone who’s driven and experienced it. In fact, Jeremy Clarkson still says it’s the best car he has ever driven. I can’t think of a better verdict for a car than that! First customer deliveries of the LFA commenced in December 2010.

There’s a catch, however. The LFA isn’t what one would call the most successful car (In terms of sales). The car was planned to be limited to 500 examples (450 Standard Versions and 50 Nürburgring Edition Cars) and the weird thing is that Lexus actually sold 3 new LFA’s in 2019! That’s ridiculous considering the fact that production of the LFA officially came to an end in December 2012. I reckon the slow sales is mostly down to the way it was priced; it was supposed to be the rival of the Ferrari 430 (And later 458), but it costed as much as a 599, but wasn’t as quick either. And 2011, Ferrari launched the faster and madder successor to the 599, the F12 which was still cheaper than the LFA. The slow sales mean that Lexus has not yet decided to roll out a replacement for the LFA.

To sum up, then. The LFA was, is, and will remain to be one of the best cars in the entire world and one of the most loved cars by enthusiasts. It was supposed to show that Lexus was capable of building a supercar that can be a great alternative to its European rivals from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and even Audi with the R8 V10. Now it (The LFA) is accepted by many people all around the world, especially petrolheads as one of the best modern cars and I think Lexus could’ve not even dreamt about ; it has aged very well and the design is just nothing other than what you’d call Timeless and I can’t believe it’s a decade old!

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