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Ben Collins, Former Top Gear Stig, Shows Us How To Become a Stunt Driver

1y ago


There are a number of performance driving schools across the nation, and most of them offer enough thrills for what they offer. I went to Exotics Racing in Las Vegas a few years back and spent the day tearing around the track in a Ferrari 458. It was AWESOME.

And then there are those schools that take it up a notch like Palmer Sport in Bedford. At Palmer Sport, you are given an entire day to drive all six cars offered: a Renault Clio Cup, BMW M4 GTP, Land Rover Defender, Ariel Atom 3, Palmr JP-LM, and a Formula 3000 car.

Or, you can be Joe Achilles from YouTube and have a personalized stunt driving lesson from one Ben Collins, the former Stig himself:

As part of a promotion from the film American Assassin, Achilles shows us his day with Collins ripping around the Palmer Sport facility at the Bedford Aerodrome. It looked like an incredible day with a number of incredible cars.

All I know is Achilles' day with Collins puts my day in a Ferrari 458 to shame.


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