- The rounder outline of the Zagato bodied Bentley (My own photo)

Bentley 2008 GT Zagato

44w ago


The Classic Car Show at the NEC which was on 9-11 November was a great chance to see some rare cars. Here is the 2008 Bentley GT Zagato which I saw there yesterday. Only 9 of these Zagato bodied cars were produced by Bentley and only two of these are in the UK.

Rare Zagato bodied Bentley (My own photo)

Based on a Bentley Continental GT Speed, it is powered by a W12 twin turboed 6L engine, producing 600bhp. It has a six speed automatic gear box, permanent 4WD and does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds, to reach a top speed of 203mph.

Rounded rear aspect (My own photo)

Each body panel is hand crafted, with the conversion taking over four months to complete. The car features Zagato's 'double bubble' roof, trade mark accentuated haunches as you can see in the photos and two tone paintwork, in this case sage green and light apple green.

'Double bubble' roof line (My own photo)

2019 will mark the centenary of both Bentley and Zagato, who I am sure will continue their collaboration.

Sleek lines (My own photo)

What do you think of the car, is it too rounded for your taste or do you love it? Let me know in the comments below.

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