Bentley and Contest Yachts team up to create the best interior... in the world

But did it work?

A farmer in Oxfordshire - his name begins with J and ends with Eremy Clarkson - once said that auto makers should devote more energy to the interior of cars because motorists spend much more time driving their vehicle than they spend just looking at them.

For the longest time, manufacturers seemed to give zero s**ts about the cabin of the car and almost always focused on the exterior and the engine but now, with platform-sharing and battery packs dictating what the car proportions must be, there's actually not much left for car designers and they're now trying to express their creativity by slamming huge screens in the middle of the dashboard and using improbably materials for the upholstery. Bentley, however, doesn't need to do that.

The British auto maker is one of the few companies that have always cared about the interior of their models and for the latest Bentley, they've decided to partner up with Context Yachts to design the nicest nautical-themed interior... in the world. This one-off Continental GT was reupholstered and redesigned for a customer in the Netherlands who also happens to own a Contest 59 CS 18. Apparently, he wanted his Bentley to match his yacht. Hashtag First World Problems.

Bentley's design branch got in touch with Contest and they worked together by using the exact same Linen beige leather that was used for the yacht, further adorned by Hotspur red leather and the same type of teak wood found in the yacht.

It certainly feels 'nautical'. You can just about hear the sound of people padding barefoot on the deck while wearing white linen shirts and beige trousers. It is also understated, in a way, and elegant. My only critique is that the beige+wood+red combo in the interior doesn't really work with the blue paint for the exterior. But then again, what do I know? I also like pineapple on pizza and occasionally wear pink socks.

What do you think, was farmer Clarkson right or was he wrong?

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Comments (7)

  • It does suit the boat, but that Bentley could tone the red down a little

      1 day ago
  • this is red done tastefully

      14 hours ago
  • Ohh it’s very loud

    Suited to the boat but I really don’t see it in the car 🙀

      1 day ago
  • Bentley and Contest Yachts team up to create the best interior... in the world @tribe

      1 day ago
  • No no no. I'm denying this ever existed. It's so....uggglllyyyy. they just ruined one of the most beautiful cars ever. Should have done a classic loner theme with linen white and Louis Brown with chrome pinstripes

      8 hours ago