Bentley Continental GT Limited Edition: A celebration at Peak

Beat a Porsche 911 by eight seconds! A 2-tonne Bentley!

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I have a theory. I believe, more than anyone else in the world, it is the Brits who celebrate their achievements the most. I won't exactly call it show-off because their reason to celebrate would be valid, but then they do seem quite vocal about it. The same goes for their carmakers.

Jaguar came up with the XJ50, McLaren developed the F1 LM and the 720S Apex Collection, and Aston Martin keeps coming out with one every 17 minutes. And now, there's another Brit.

Adding to the ongoing 100-year celebrations for the brand, Bentley's 2-tonne grand-tourer managed to climb up the renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Event in record time. And following suit, Bentley has come up with this - the Limited Edition Continental GT.

Restricted to just 15 units, the carmaker has retained the record-breaking car's bright green livery upon the carbon fibre body kit. Gloss black detailing can be found around the lower front bumper inserts, roof panel, wing mirrors and rear surfaces. The similar finishing is also seen on the 22-inch Mulliner Driving Specification wheels, which come as standard.

Additional splashes of radium surround the lettering on the Pirelli P Zero Colour Edition tyres. The brake disc callipers are also covered in a similar colour; Bentley likes to call Acid Green. The '100' grille upfront which according to the company 'is a reminder that the Continental GT's impressive hill climb achievement took place in Bentley's centenary year' has been kept optional, which is a good thing.

Being a special edition car, the onlookers and the passengers need to be reminded of its forte. Hence, you'll find Pikes Peak decals present in and around the vehicle. The most obvious ones adorn the front fenders. You can find the same on the door sills in the form of treadplates or embroidered in Radium stitching to the seat headrests. A graphic showing a section of the Pikes Peak track can be found on the passenger-side fascia as well. Five different graphics have been used across the 15-car run, along with the record-setting time

Speaking of passenger-side, the cabin is surrounded by Alcantara with contrasting Radium thread stitching matched with Beluga secondary hide. The steering wheel features a centre stripe along with honeycomb stitching, all in radium. While the fascias are carbon-fibre, the exclusive B&O speakers are black anodised and radium finished.

Under the bonnet, Bentley didn't need to have any changes. The company's standard twin-turbocharged W12, responsible for the record hill climb, does duty here as well. Capable of pumping out 626 bhp and 900 Nm of torque, this 2-tonne plus grand cruiser can catapult from 0-62mph (or 100kph) in just 3.7 seconds while maxing out at 207mph (or 333kph).

No wonder this car, with the three-time champion and former 'King of the Mountain' Rhys Millen at the helm, could shave off a massive 8.4 seconds off the last record time. The previous record held by a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S was devoured by this GT car which managed to climb through 156 bends along the 12.42-mile course in Colorado in just ten minutes and 18.4 seconds.

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  • Technically Bentley is German as it’s a subsidiary of VW!

      1 year ago
  • I love it

      1 year ago
  • price?

      1 year ago
  • The black looks best, that green just doesn’t look right on a Bentley

      1 year ago
    • If i just have to see it in photos, i think the green looks great but if i have to live with one, then definitely the Black one!

        1 year ago