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Ask anyone in Austria about the best road where you can put your driving skills on test and enjoy a breathtaking view at the same time and the answer would be the The Grossglockner High Alpine Road. It is the highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria with an elevation of 2,504 m and provides a beautiful view of the Alpine divide.In the automotive business, if you are invited to test drive on this particular road and that too, the all-new Bentley Continental GT, you just can’t deny the offer. This first drive review highlights our road trip from Austria to Italy and finally reaching Germany with the all-new 2019 Bentley Continental GT.

It’s 6 am and we are starting our day in Austria. The plan is to have breakfast in Austria, then drive to Italy for lunch and then take a flight to Germany for dinner. Talking about the Bentley Continental GT, the grand tourer was first introduced in 2003 to appeal to the rich clientele. Fast-forward to 2017, the all-new 2019 Bentley Continental GT was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show and is definitely better and powerful than its predecessor.

We were fortunate to get the blue color, which looked awesome under the shiny sun. Moreover, the ample illumination from the skies allowed us to examine the smooth aerodynamic shape. We couldn’t help but notice that the sharp design of the new Bentley Continental GT is based on the EXP 10 Speed 6 and differs largely from its older sibling. The previous model had a box-like structure, which in no way was unbecoming, but the new simply looks a lot better. Since, it was early morning when we set out on or journey, we couldn’t test the potency of the Bentley headlights, which are a sight to behold.


After having a more than adequate fan-girl moment with the car, we head out on our way to a cheap roadside café for breakfast. While we were absorbing the details of the opulent interior, quite a few heads were turning outside as people admired the car in all its glory. The interior is riddled with various types of leather, wood accents and sparkly chrome, giving a pleasant and sumptuous appeal.

After we were done with breakfast and had grabbed a few snacks for the road, we drove straight towards Italy. It was 8:30 in the morning now and a great time to enjoy the beauty of Europe. The Continental GT is great for a long drive, since the seats are electronically adjustable, it makes finding the comfy position much easier and the quilt like feel is certainly a deal-maker.

Normally people get bored on a road trip, but not us, because we had some interesting snacks to eat and a 12.3-inch infotainment screen to enjoy our favorite tunes. Helping the entertainment system were Naim 2200W 18-speaker system, which are the best out of the three options Bentley offers in the Continental GT. There were two more screens, seamlessly put together, which created an illusion that all three were joined together as one. The other two panels showed a compass, so we don’t get lost on our way, an outside temperature gauge and a clock to keep track of time.

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