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Bentley has announced that it'll be launching Bentley Residences

It's a collaboration with Dezer Development and will be launched in Miami, Florida

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Being a brand that's very much associated with a lifestyle, it's not surprising that Bentley has branched out into all sorts of different things over the years. You can already buy Bentley-branded honey, created by hives kept on-site at Bentley's headquarters in Crewe. There's also Bentley fragrances, Bentley furniture (yes, really!) and Bentley-branded golf clubs and golf accessories. Now though, Bentley has ventured into a place where (surprisingly!) other car manufacturers have gone before. Bentley is getting into the business of luxury living. In collaboration with Dezer Development, Bentley will be launching Bentley Residences!

Bentley Residences will be a 749 foot, 60+ stories high building located in Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, Florida. When it's completed, it'll contain more than 200 luxury apartments "built for residents who expect the very best in design and quality." The building has been designed by "world-renowned architectural firm" Sieger Suarez Architects and has been designed in accordance with the Florida Green Building Council (FLGC) certification to make sure the local environment and wildlife is protected as well as it can be. As part of the FLGC certification, environmentally safe building materials will be used during the construction of the building. Reduced coastal lighting will also be implemented as a way of protecting endangered species of sea turtles on the Florida coast. The entire building will also be engineered in a way that's intended to reduce energy consumption.

According to Bentley, the company's design department "has been integral to the development of the building, bringing to life the Bentley DNA to ensure a truly authentic design." This includes features desired by owners of luxury cars such as a "patented car elevator" that "will be a prominent and luxurious feature for any car enthusiast." In fact, the living experience of the building looks like it will be very car-centric; each of the building's residences will have "an in-unit multi-car garage" that Bentley claims will be "the ultimate statement in exclusivity and privacy."

Image: Bentley

Image: Bentley

As you'd expect from a prime residential property on the Florida coast, Bentley Residences will "offer unique ocean and bayside views in every apartment". This is thanks to the building's cylindrical design and the huge amount of glass area caused by the extensive use of floor-to-ceiling windows, which was done to maximise the potential of incredible views for all of the building's residents. The residences will also have typical luxury features such as "a private balcony, pool, sauna and outdoor shower" as well as containing "sustainably sourced materials and finishes that create a calming palate, in harmony with the external environment." The building will also feature "a gym, spa, whisky bar and restaurant" along with communal gardens that are exclusive to the building's residents.

"The modern and progressive brand identity of Bentley Residences is at work in both the tower’s interior and exterior spaces, rooted in authenticity, sustainability and innovation," stated Bentley's CEO Adrian Hallmark on Bentley Residences. "We’ve partnered with Dezer to create a living experience that expresses the very philosophy of the Bentley brand and stays true to our vision of inspiring extraordinary journeys."

Image: Bentley

Image: Bentley

"Partnering with Bentley Motors, a true global luxury brand and being able to create another first in the Miami marketplace is an extraordinary opportunity," stated Dezer Development's President Gil Dezer. "With Bentley Motors, together we will create something inspiring, powerful and iconic – a true game-changer when it comes to luxury living."

Construction on Bentley Residences is anticipated to begin in early 2023, with the building scheduled to be completed by 2026.

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