Bentley is off to a flyer with 50% more orders in 2021

Impressive results

Bentley is off to a great start in 2021, having recorded 50% more orders in January this year than it did in the same period in 2020. The Bentayga is selling well across the board and the English manufacturer has recently delivered its 50,000th Continental.

There are several reasons why Bentley was not affected by the ongoing crisis in the same way that other manufacturers were. Adrian Hallmark, CEO and Chairman, recently revealed that the global shortage of semiconductors has not disrupted production for the Bentley and he also said that "China, by far, is the most outstanding performance in the world in respect of level of orders compared with normal expectations". Demand in the country rose by 48%, with the all-new Flying Spur leading the way.

The British manufacturer delivered 11,206 vehicles in 2020, 2% more than in 2019, and that's an incredible result especially when you remember that the factory in Crewe was shut down for seven weeks in March and it could only run at reduced capacity for the subsequent nine weeks.

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Comments (11)

  • This brings genuine relief, nice to know some brands are pulling through well

      2 days ago
  • Does these number have something to do with Bentley going full ev after 2025 or 2030 something?

      2 days ago
  • If you sell two cars, three cars sold is 50% more. For limited production products, numbers not percentages give a more realistic idea of what's going on. 11.2K cars sold on a planet with 7.8billion people living on it, is frankly shit sales... sorry Bentley.

      2 days ago
    • Considering 43.6 percent of the world’s population survive on less than $5.50 a day, its rather “impressive”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        2 days ago
    • 'Impressive'... that those 11.2K people spend a fortune on a fancy car when, according to your estimate, millions survive on $5.50 a day. THAT... that is disgusting.

        1 day ago
  • Good news! Progress and prosperity supports the automotive industry.

      2 days ago
  • DT, how could you show such an obnoxious car at the top of your feature for Bentley? The bling bling Bentayga is sinful enough but something that resembles Jaws from the Bond films is just too disgusting...just look at that huge steel grill between the front lights.. Looks like old time prison bars...keep the Uber rich tax exiles owners where they belong.

    Thank goodness the boy racer Bentley comes in such a bright orange you can see coming a mile away so you can run and shade your eyes. Mind you it will probably have to stop in that afore mentioned mile to take on another tank of fuel to get it through the next mile.

    Please DT, just stick to proper posh cars such as the Rolls.

      1 day ago