Bentley just introduced the future's future: EXP 100 GT

And it's better than you think.

2y ago

Bentley decided to celebrate their 100th anniversary in style by unveiling the Bentley of tomorrow: the EXP 100 GT, which is set to set new standards for Bentley and the world of luxury automobiles.

This futuristic-looking Bentley was introduced to remind us what Bentley can and will do. AI and emotions mixed together, autonomous and electric options but that's not it. Bentley say their new EXP 100 GT targets 450 miles between charges and utilizes precious materials. All of that is, par for the course, a triumph of British craftsmanship

This new Bentley will showcase interesting design features such as Copper Infused Riverwood made from 5,000-year old wood, faux leather and, you're going to like this, paint made of recycled rice hulls.

It has four electric units powering car forward to a top speed of 186 mph and 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds. It has 1,500 Nm of torque. With superfast charging, the EXP 100 GT will only take 15 minutes for an 80 % charge.

Everything about this car has been designed to make life as comfortable as possible for passengers. It has Active Aero Wheels and Intelligent Tyres and that, in plain English, means both the wheels and the tyres adapt to weather and surface conditions to maximize efficiency and comfort. It also has something called Adaptable Biometric Seating, which adjusts the driving positions to suit your driving style when you're driving, while the steering wheel automatically retracts when you're not.

The new Bentley does not have an infotainment system, it has an Artificial Intelligence which you can control from a control centre made entirely out of Cumbria Crystal glass.

The only thing that wasn't mentioned is the price. I'll have an educated guess: a lot of money.

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Comments (107)

    • 2 years ago
  • The front grille is the face I had when I saw it.

      2 years ago
  • Looks good but not sure about the front

      2 years ago
    • Difficult to tell from the pictures. And I can’t fathom the size. Like, is it enormous or is it small and compact. It looks long and slender but I’ve seen other pictures from the launch party, with people around it, and it looked sort of tiny

        2 years ago
  • Instead of car companies keep on building concepts of future cars, why not make this the next model, right now.

    More than often, a company show you a tantalising model, then there next real one is just a bit better than the present one.

    Seeing as they have this 100 gt now, just build the damn thing!

      2 years ago
  • I love it except for the front view.

      2 years ago