Bentley launches a bicycle for the younger car enthusiast among us

How cute is that!

4w ago

In order to accomodate for its younger audience, Bentley has decided to come out with what they call a 'balance bike' which is aimed at its children demographic, which I am sure is the majority...

Anyway, this little two-wheeled thing features a variety of options which would only ever be available on a kids bike made by a luxury car maker. Some of these include diamond-quilted handlebars and exclusive paint options used on actual Bentleys such as Onyx, Glacier White, Sequin Blue and Dragon Red.

But, Bentley has also thought about safety with this nifty thing as it features a unique safety locking brake system, giving children greater stopping power, so they can ride with confidence – a feature not available on many other balance bikes on the market.

The frame itself is made out of magnesium alloy and the company claims it has the 'sleek lines of Bentley cars'. This frame can support up to 35 kg of weight, despite the frame itself only weighing 650 g – made to be portable yet robust, making it perfect for your three-year-old.

It also features aluminium wheel rims which can withstand high degrees of curb weight but do not add bulk to the bike, allowing children to effortlessly push themselves forward, while the air-filled 12-inch rubber tyres ensure absolute comfort.

For further comfort, the ergonomically designed adjustable seat is made from eco-leather and features the Bentley wordmark and a carbon fibre-inspired pattern for added style. Distinctive knurling beneath the seat gives extra grip for added reassurance, because Bentley simple can't make anything which isn't knurled even a little bit.

Bentley's Designer, Chris Cooke says: “The balance bike was designed with the same meticulous level of detail that goes into every vehicle. The frame was inspired by the power line that can be seen on our cars and is reproduced in the key line that flows around the frame of the bike. The seat, an important contact point for both rider and parent, has hidden diamond knurling to improve grip when steadying the rider and the handlebars feature Bentley diamond quilting for comfort.”

This new balance bike by Bentley is available at its online store for £450, which if you didn't know, is the same price as six of their 'vented umbrellas.

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  • Among us?? Sus?? 😳

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  • I’ll take one in Onyx. Do you think I’ll be able to fit on it?

      1 month ago
  • Ah so this is why you had kids

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  • There's a new Bentley and it only has 2 wheels @tribe

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