Bentley launches global initiative to promote women leaders

Partners with leading UAE professionals and two key universities

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Men have dominated the automotive industry, but Bentley believes it’s time for a change. The British luxury carmaker is already engaged in Bentley’s Women In Automotive programme, which aims to employ 30% diverse candidates in its management by 2025. And to offer adequate preparation for these future leaders, Bentley announced the launch of a special mentoring programme.

Kicking off in the United Arab Emirates, the initiative launch event was called ‘Forces of Inspiration’. This all-women event saw inspirational panel talks, a gallery exhibition, along with the official launch of the exclusive mentoring programme. A group of five high-achieving women, whom Bentley addresses as ‘Founding Pioneers’, headed the panel, shared stories and insights about their professional journeys while taking questions from female students of Bentley’s allied universities, namely American University of Sharjah and Heriot-Watt University, as well.

The Founding Pioneers comprises the likes of Amna Habtoor, a trained perfumer and entrepreneur in the luxury car industry and Alanoud Alhashmi, a Young Arab Leaders member and CEO of The Futurist Company. Reem Al Marzouqi, UAE’s first citizen to have a patented design for a car driven without hands, joined the duo, followed by Amna Al Hashemi, the UAE’s First Female Chef Patron and Eman Ali Al Shorafa, the youngest female Emirati COOs in the UAE’s Healthcare.

The students got a chance to take part in the exclusive mentoring programme, with the opportunity to connect with the Pioneers, the university faculties and senior members of the Bentley leadership team. From the applicants, four selected students would be made to travel to Bentley’s Crewe headquarters in the UK for a one-week visit to learn more about Bentley’s diversity and inclusion ambitions and gain valuable career advice.

This mentorship program is said to be an annual affair with the selected students required to mentor the next generation of students and increase more women leaders. Commenting on the official launch, Jo O’Brien, Head of Sustainable Communications at Bentley Motors, said, “Today was an incredibly uplifting experience – listening to these women tell their stories was truly inspiring. The purpose of the event was to launch our mentoring programme, which will provide a very valuable experience for the students that are chosen to take part. Today was incredibly important as we start to build a legacy to benefit the future female leaders of their fields.”

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  • Having a woman as a leader just because she’s a woman seems insulting to women. Having a qualified person regardless of gender, color or whatever is what’s best most companies. This world is getting so hung up on fairness that it doesn’t care if a brand goes down the toilet as long as equality rules were followed. I think anybody can do any job if they are qualified but I would never have someone in charge of my business just based on gender or skin color. That seems as racist as excluding someone. If you are told you “have to” hire a woman, how is that not biased against all male candidates. Same goes for race.

      23 days ago
    • You are right, but: until today, 'having a man as a leader just because he's a man' was and is the stark reality. We will not change the way people think of 'men' vs. 'women' in a day. We have to start somewhere giving women a chance to get in. So...

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        23 days ago
    • That slaps the face of women today who have actually put in the work and earned their position. Quotas don’t work, knowledge and perseverance should matter more. How do you think the woman who put in the time and work feels about the woman who...

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        23 days ago
  • I think its more of a scheme on where its based😂😂

      23 days ago