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Bentley offers the most limited edition Continental GT - The Pikes Peak Edition

This is a Continental GT worth spending the extra bucks on...

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For its Centenary celebration Bentley decided to get a Continental GT ready for Pikes Peak Hillclimb - a Gruelling 12.42 mile course with 156 bends and change in elevation of almost 5,000 feet. With the former 'King of the Mountain' Rhys Millen behind the wheel of the W12 Continental GT, the GT completed the hillclimb in 10 mins 18.4 seconds. This time also got them the Pikes Peak production car record.

...Same colour scheme as the record setting car...

To celebrate the centenary year and the record Bentley offered its most limited edition Continental GT yet - the Pikes Peak edition. So whats on offer? Well you get a carbon fibre body kit with Radium Mulliner paintwork. This mirrors the paint scheme of the record breaking car. You also get Mulliners Black detailing with gloss black added to front lower bumper inserts, roof panel, wing mirrors and some of the rear surfaces.

The rest of the car is completed with Acid green brake disc calipers (a colour available via Porsche), the Pirelli P Zero colour edition tyres in Radium, 22 inch Mulliner Driving Specification wheels in Gloss Black and decals on the front bumper to show the record. However, you do get an '100' grille as an option which I do recommend getting.

..carbon Alcantara and the comfort specification..

On the inside the record colour scheme continues. You get Alcantara matched with Beluga leather with a contrast stitch of Radium coloured thread. It is even shown on the steering wheel with the stitching and centre 12 o'clock marker both in the contrast colour of Radium.

Carbon fibre is present all over the interior fascias and waistrails, except for the centre console - there you get piano black. The passenger side's fascia features a graphic depicts a section of the Pikes Peak track. There are 5 different sections of the run will be used with the record setting time featured in all of them - 10.18.488.

I reckon the interior is unique enough, but, because this is special there is more. The headrests have Pikes Peak embroidery in the contrast stitch. The tread-plates also show Pikes Peak and the B&O speakers are finished in Black Anodised and Radium. Bentley does complete this car with comfort and style - the front comfort seat specification is included along with the rotating display and deep pile overmats.

..15 examples only..

The engine is the twin turbo W12 that produces 626 hp and 633 lb-ft of torque. This gets you from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and will top out at 207 mph. I don't think one needs anymore from a limited edition car. You must be wondering how limited this car is? Well, Bentley will only offer 15 examples of this car - that is as limited as it gets for a Continental GT. I cannot tell you how much will this empty your bank account because Bentley won't say how much it costs. You will have to do the usual call up and find out.

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  • Very nice, possibly with the exception of the 2.7MPH top speed. Proofreading is optional.

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