Bentley smashes the clock

10w ago


A few weeks back, we had reported on DRIVETRIBE that Bentley was about to take on Pikes Peak for a record-breaking attempt for production cars.

The car wearing the number 100 to celebrate Bentley's centenary year shattered the record by 8 seconds.

The man to take on this challenge is the three-time champion, Rhys Millen.

Rhys piloted the W12 Bentley Continental GT through 156 bends climbing 5000 feet. Millen combined his driving skills with the world's most advanced 12-cylinder engine to claim the coveted record. With the start line at 9,300 ft and climbing to 14,100 ft, where the air is 1/3 less dense than at sea level.

He broke the record by 8 seconds and stopping the clock at 10:18.488.

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