Bentley to drop W12 model for the standard Continental GT, but there’s a catch

You can still get a W12, but you gotta get the ‘Speed’ model

The ‘standard’ Bentley Continental GT will no longer be available with the 12-cylinder engine, which will only be reserved for the more expensive ‘Speed’ variant.

I think Bentley made that decision precisely because they wanted to pair their range-topping model with their top-of-the-line engine. With the 650-hp engine, you also get a chassis with active anti-roll bars, rear-axle steering, and a brand-new torque-vectoring rear differential to manage the enormous torque (664 lb-ft).

It’s a bit vulgar but we gotta talk about money. With this update, customers will have to be prepared to spend $50,000 (on average) more to get the Speed model. It’s not exactly the sort of money you happen to find in the back pocket of an old jacket, but then again those who are in the market for a coupe that costs $200,000+, can probably afford the extra cash. And again this is something that Bentley certainly factored in.

For 2022, the Continental range will be available as a GT V8 and GT by Mulliner - both of which are powered by a 542-hp V8 - and then of course there’s the Continental GT Speed, priced from $274,900 for the coupe and $302,400 for the convertible in the US, and around £170,000 and £212,000 in the UK.

Is the W12 worth the extra cash?

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Comments (5)

  • That makes sense. W12 only in the Speed.

    Is the W12 worth the extra cash? 650 vs 542 ... you tell me? If you have the dime for the V8 then you have the extra spare change for the W12. Come on, you know you do. And you REALLY want that extra grunt for the backroads. You know you can't live without it. W12!!!

      2 months ago
  • I’d stick with the V8

      2 months ago
  • Bentley to drop W12 model for the standard Continental GT, but there’s a catch @tribe

      2 months ago
  • The car is ugly compared to the continental design before this one. It looks like it’s face got a wedgie

      2 months ago