Bentley will sponsor the IAP photography awards... and it's easy to see why

International Automotive Photography Awards

Bentley has just announced a new partnership with the IAP, which stands for International Automotive Photography Awards, as part of their bid to promote and help young automotive photography talent globally.

The awards are going to be hosted by The Mechanists, an automotive lifestyle brand, and the jury will include household names in the photography world, such as Remi Dargegen, Amy Shore, Drew Gibson as well as Hedi Sersoub, founder of The Mechanists.

You can find out more here and the winner will, well, get an award, of course, and the opportunity to photograph a Bentley and reach a global audience of over nine million people.

Photography is hugely important. Now, of course when it comes to brands like Bentley, the job is made easier by the fact that these cars look gorgeous but there's no point unless you can figure out a way to make the cars stand out. I'm guessing, based on the photographs I received along with this note, Bentley sort of know what they're doing, don't they?

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