Berg Cup Legend - Canio Marchione´s Incredible Sounding BMW 320i E36 STW

True BMW Motorsport know-how going into this Hillclimb Racing Legend

Canio Marchione raced last season one of most dominant 2.0L Class Monsters in Hillclimb Racing, his Naturally Aspirated BMW 320i STW now with a new and pretty great looking livery. You can watch it here at Osnabruck and Wolsfeld Hillclimbs and where it placed among the 10 Fastest Touring Cars overall.

For those unfamiliar with this Monster, it is a specially tuned BMW 318i STW capable of around 300Hp/9.000Rpm from its Naturally Aspirated Engine, being originally owned and driven by Dieter Rottenberger and Georg Weidinger (BMW Test Driver).Its Aerodynamics were also improved thanks to wind tunnel testing on BMW Motorsport facilities, as well as seeing the engine being developed further from the original Touring Car, while weight is much lower thanks to the less restricting Rulebook of Hilllcimb Racing. Extensive use of Carbon Fibre and CFRP ensired weight is pretty much at the legal limit (790Kg) making this machine a tremendously effective competitor even against much more powerful cars.

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