Bernina Pass - Switzerland

This is a 365 days a year road of the scenic mountain passes

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Imagine yourself planning a road trip through the Alps early spring or late autumn. The majority of the scenic mountain passes are closed unless you are travelling between June and October. Your options are to stick to the open roads, and probably end up doing most of the drive on the highway, or find the mountain passes that stay open also in the winter.

Bernina Pass in Switzerland is a 365 days a year road. It does not mean you should drive it without proper winter gear in the coldest season, because when there is snow on the road there is a lot of it. However if you are looking for a sports car friendly Swiss mountain pass in April-May or October-November, and come equipped with summer tires only if you happen to just be crossing through the country and heading to a warmer place, this might be the road to take. What you might find is a stunning winter landscape, a road framed by snow walls with some beautiful hairpin bends, yet the road surface could be dry enough for safe fun driving.

If you start your drive in Switzerland you will drive past Pontresina, less than 10 kilometres from St. Moritz, from where the climb up to 2,328 m starts. After the lakes and Ospizio Bernina you can either continue your drive straight to the end of Bernina Pass, and arrive in the Italian town Tirano, or turn left and drive to Italy over Livigno Pass instead. If you are heading towards Stelvio Pass you would do the left turn, however if you are on your way south to Italy going straight is the fastest route.

In the summer months there are several scenic roads to choose from if you want to get from Switzerland to Italy or vice versa. Splügen Pass, Umbrail Pass, Ofen Pass or even Great St Bernard Pass located on the other side of Switzerland. Bernina Pass is one of my personal favourite driving roads all year round, and no matter what season you go you will enjoy it.

But to be able to take a sports car up on a scenic high mountain road in April or May, when you are banned from driving on the majority of the other passes in the Swiss Alps, is quite something. And for that reason Bernina Pass is without question the road I wish to kick off my driving season in the Alps with, year after year. Map link:

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  • Did you drive it in early April or later? Planning to go in late March, but summer tyres and RWD hold me back a bit...

      4 years ago
    • The earliest I have been was around 10th April and it was OK - sunny and nice weather. A lot of snow on the side of the road of course, but the tarmac was dry and I had summer tires + RWD :-) I think you should be fine, there is a webcam for the pass so you...

      Read more
        4 years ago
    • I was thinking as a rule of thumb if I look up the weather two-three days before: if it's well above 0C during the day, there is no rain, and it doesn't go significantly below 0C in the night, then it should be fine. Just don't want to get...

      Read more
        4 years ago
  • What an amazing road :)

      4 years ago
  • Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

      4 years ago
  • Awesome!! Not only the sights but that GT3...

      4 years ago
  • Ah, Sara. Us mere mortals can only wish :)

      4 years ago