Beryl Bikes in Bournemouth & Poole!

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Hello there! This is my first post on drive tribe, and it's about bicycles. I recently went into Bournemouth to try the newly launched Beryl cycle share scheme that has been setup.

The scheme is similar to that of the "Boris Bikes" in London, however the Beryl bikes do not require the use of a dock and instead use bays for bike storage. There is a lock attached to the rear wheel of the bike that you unlock using the Beryl app on your phone either using the contactless pad on the handlebars, or enter the unique code for that bike.

I have to say my experience using the bikes has been positive, as you can see from the attached youtube video. The bikes feel smooth, with a comfortable ride quality and saddle.

The cost is also relatively low, especially for shorter journeys it can be more cost effective to use these bikes rather than public transport.

Are schemes like this the future of urban mobility? Go ahead and watch the video to hear more of my thoughts as well as the process of unlocking and riding the bikes!

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  • Would rate Beryl very poor. There are no bays around the pier area or along the front. Found a few bikes strewn in car parks and along railings but 4 had punctures, 2 said unavailable and another told me I was putting in the incorrect code which I clearly wasn't. I wanted to do an early morning cycle along to Sandbanks and back but just wasn't able to find a bike. I asked one of the Council workers who said tbat there were always peoole asking about tbe bikes and that many had had similar problems to me. Tbe scheme in Brighton is much better as you can only park in a bay of which there are plenty. Come on Beryl get your act together. This could be so much better.

      1 year ago
  • Where is the engine? Welcome to DriveTribe Harry!

      1 year ago
    • I guess the riders legs are the engine? šŸ˜‚ Thanks.

        1 year ago


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