Bespoke Teak Truck Beds

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When Boats meet trucks! Most people just go for a bed cover. Some order draws and storage compartments but some... and it helps to be a little wealthier, go for beautifully crafted teak truck beds.

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1917: Ford TT - One of the first production line trucks

Wood has an interesting history in vehicles worldwide. It used to be the standard for truck beds and boxes; but in modern times its been replaced by steal, or more recently aluminum, as manufacturers strive for efficiency and strength.

Attention to detail lives on! In a world of big corporations its so nice to see bespoke adaptations - after all, that's how motoring started.

Defender 110 Teak bed drawer

It's certainly nice to see real craftsmanship and love going into these creations, especially in an age when wood in vehicles has been reduced to tacky trim and gear knobs. It would appear that wood does have a place in modern day vehicles and it's a thing of real beauty.

Defender 90 teak bed draw

Defender 90 teak bed draw

Defender 90 teak bed draw

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