Best and Worst of Roast My Ride 5th Feb

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Roast My Ride proves why I love the internet. The world's car community is full of enthusiast owners looking for feedback on their pride and joys and you guys don't hold back at all.

We've had a ridiculous amount of submissions come through, some of which are stunning, whereas others are... not so much.

If you want to submit your ride for a public live roasting, you can do here:


Today's best submissions

1) Karl Kittelberger

First up might be a little bit of a cheat as he posted 2 cars in the same photo, but they are both equally gorgeous. The BBS rims on both Mercs look spot on.

2) Daniel Hetterscheid

This one may split decision, but I fell a little bit in love with this ratty RX-7. With 52 'NOT' votes against 115 'HOT' votes, it certainly has its haters, but the majority of you can appreciate the beast within.

3) Nick Howell

Did someone say Hill climb monster? This Carbon Fibre Evo X with 500hp certainly got a lot of admirers with 197 'HOT' votes. Downforce brah.

4) James Carr

I do love an action shot. Note to all roast submitters, POST MORE ACTION SHOTS. If a Lada can make it into my top cars of the day, anything can. James Carr, I salute you.

5) Rob Phillips

The final entry in the 'best' category is a whole lot of class. Rob Phillips submitted his XK150 and you guys loved it. Whoever was in the 31 'NOT' voters, shame on you.

Today's worst submissions

1) Timothy Major

I'm not sure if Timothy owns this monstrosity or not, but I feel sorry for him either way. This might just be the worst car I've ever seen. I feel queasy again.

2) Cheslin Fortuin

I have nothing again Fiat Unos, in fact I quite like them, but turquoise rims should be punishable by death.

3) Mario Kurz

I love a Corrado, especially the VR6, but Mario.... what in god's name have you done to this one? It looks like it has a mono-brow. Stop modifying it.

4) Adam Ljungkvist

The car is fine, in fact the car is pretty bloody cool. A 2.5-litre V6 MG ZT is very cool indeed. However, that pose and clothing combination means that you have a place on the 'worst' cars of the day. I hope you are happy Adam.

5) Alex Willmott

Alex... wtf were you thinking. Those exhausts...

If you think the car world will like your ride better than the ones above, then feel free to submit here:

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