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Best Aston To Buy Now: The Vantage AMR, Here's Why

W​ho said the entry level car isn't cool?

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A​ston Martin's current lineup is full of beautiful cars. Ok, maybe not the DBX, but they sell some other drop-dead gorgeous cars including the DBS Superleggera, DB11, Valkyrie, and Vantage. While all of those cars are wonderful, the noteworthy one for me is the Vantage. I've reviewed the Vantage and absolutely loved it. The styling of the Vantage is perfect, timeless, and the throaty Mercedes V8 looked down upon by purists made me almost wet myself. The Vantage, so I thought, was truly was the perfect Aston. But since then, I wondered if there was another Aston that is cooler than the Vantage, something more exclusive; something better.

And I've found it: the Vantage AMR. From Aston Martin Racing, the Vantage AMR is limited to only 200 units, making it one of the rarer Aston's in the lineup and sportier than the original Vantage. Better yet, it's only available in 𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘶𝘢𝘭. Ya know... the good transmission, also the one that is dying. Before I go into any real depth here, lets jump into exactly why the Vantage AMR is the best Aston Martin on sale today for the following three reasons:

1​) Looks

T​he Vantage AMR and the Vantage alike were clearly designed to be timeless so both cars would look great now and 50 years from now. Both the Vantage and the AMR use very minimalistic design and look like proper sports cars. The AMR is curvey, small, has a short wheelbase, and is smoothly styled - everything I want in a proper sports car. I like cars that are function-over-form, simplistic, and don't indiscreetly flaunt wealth as obviously as the DBS. The design team at Aston also spruced up the Vantage with the sportier AMR variant. They added bits of carbon fibre and aerodynamic improvements, such as a bigger rear diffuser, not something every non-enthusiast would notice but something I respect. The Vantage AMR is also available in a green-grey color with the bright green AMR stripe and accents, which is the perfect spec. Just look at it!!

T​his is what a sports car should look like

T​his is what a sports car should look like

2​) Performance

The Vantage AMR lost a few pounds, well, 209 of them to be exact, by eliminating the automatic transmission and adding carbon ceramic brakes as a standard. While the Vantage AMR went on a diet, the horsepower and torque numbers were left unchanged, remaining at 503 horsepower and 461 pounds feet of torque from it's 4.0L twin turbo Mercedes V8. Aston Martin also added an all new adaptive damping system with Sport, Sport +, and Track modes helps the AMR corner more precisely, and with more ease. Adding these new features and shaving some weight off further highlights what the Vantage is all about - a race-inspired track car that is equally at home on city streets and highways.

O​ther various improvements further growing my love for this car include a dog-leg manual as the only transmission option. The Vantage AMR also gets the help of AMSHIFT, which "ensures maximum smoothness and minimal interruption in acceleration" according to Aston Martin's website. Combined with a limited-slip differential, the Aston Martin Vantage AMR is like no other Aston when it comes to driver engagement.

U​niting all of those neat features, the Vantage AMR is actually... slower? Yes, the Vantage AMR is around three tenths of a second slower than the standard Vantage, because the paddle shifters change gears quicker. However, it can still propel you to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, that is if your neck doesn't snap in the process.

F​east your eyes on the Vantage AMR's V8

F​east your eyes on the Vantage AMR's V8

3​) Rarity

A​s previously mentioned Aston Martin's AMR version of the Vantage will only have 200 units produced, so it's not something you'd find in the spotting section here on DriveTribe. And as you may know, I do love my rare cars. Because this Vantage is so rare, it should appreciate immensely in the coming years. While appreciation is a wonderful thing (maybe not for those who want an expensive car but unfortunately can't afford it yet), the emotional value of owning a rare car is even better. For us car enthusiasts, we know a car like this will be great for a weekend track day, and finally being able to do will fulfill your goal to get a rare car like the Vantage AMR. Being able to own a rare car is a fantastic achievement and something worthy of spending your money on, especially if you’ve wanted it since you were a little kid.


S​imple design, track readiness, and sheer rarity: that is what makes the Vantage AMR the ultimate Aston Martin. The exhilaration not only when driving one of these bad boys, but also just seeing them in photographs doesn't compare to any other Aston. While the DB11 and DBS are two well rounded sports cars, they will never be on the same level as the Vantage AMR. Pricing starts $184,995 in the U.S., and deliveries are expected to start later this year.

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Comments (26)

  • it’s sooo pretty! 🤩

      1 month ago
    • I know, right? I didn’t think the Vantage could get any better, but then I saw the AMR version 🤤

        1 month ago
    • i know right!! 🤤 gosh i could look at it all day!

        1 month ago
  • Really like this car but the let down is it has infortainment which is a generation old from Mercedes. This in itself will date the car quickly and for me that’s my only problem. Aston, fix this one sooner rather than later so your not starting 3 steps behind from competitors like Porsche.

      1 month ago
  • the best aston to buy, is any aston really. do they even make an ugly car these days? 🤔 Still habe a V8 Vantage any day of the week though (if only my bank account would just get that memo) 😂

      27 days ago
    • They don’t made any ugly cars, surprisingly. And yes, I’d also get a Vantage if I could 😂

        27 days ago
  • What a great article about great car! My feelings about this are simple. If it's manual, light, handles well and NOT A BL**DY SUV, who cares about 0.3 of a second! It could be even 3 seconds slower for all I care. Give me manual transmission and twisty, hilly road any day! You mentioned dog-leg gear change. Aston Martin has 7-speed dog-leg. Is this one 7-speed? Is this the only model or soft top convertible available too?

      1 month ago
    • It is a seven speed dogleg manual, there isn’t a convertible version, and I’m glad you liked the article!

        1 month ago
    • Oh, God! I just thought it would be nice car to own and take to Great Ocean Road, Black Spur, Arthur Seat (Australians, specifically Victorians will know what I am talking about) and it is not a BMW! I will open garage door full of guilty...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • I think Aston is still better off making GT cars rather than performance cars, their styling is definitely more elegant than aggressive. And the DBX is beautiful too 😤

      1 month ago


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