Best finance offers for September’s 70-plate

We’ve sifted through the special finance offers on new cars to unearth some of the best deals to get a 70-plate car this September. - By Tristan Young

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Everyone likes a good deal when it comes to buying a new car. With the vast majority of new cars bought on finance, we examine the latest personal contract purchase deals listed in trade magazine Auto Retail Bulletin to find the best offers. Now, obviously, ‘best’ is subjective which is why we’ve narrowed the list to give a broad spread of cars and monthly payments.

Best headline discount: Smart EQ Forfour

Smart is now a purely electric brand and despite significant growth in EV popularity this year, it isn’t doing well in the sales charts this year which is probably why this offer is so good. The headline discount is one of the biggest we’ve seen at £7,556 off the £22,484 Smart Forfour Pulse Premium giving it an on the road price of £14,928. If you dig into the details of the offer, Smart includes the Government EV grant in that discount but it’s still one of the lowest cost fully electric cars available. The highlights of the deal are a 6.0% APR, a customer deposit of £2,612 and then 48 monthly payments of £164 with an optional final payment of £6,650. The only downside is a rather limited 73-mile range. Details

Best 0% offer: Volvo V60

Many car makers fund their offers with higher interest rates, but if you don’t want to pay interest on your PCP deal then Volvo has some great offers. Best of the current crop is the £4,979 discount off the list price of a V60 B3 Momentum automatic including metallic paint. You’ll need a deposit of £6,396 followed by 36 monthly payments of £283 to secure one of the best and most elegant estate cars on the market and the optional final payment is £13,381. Details

Biggest incentive: Mercedes S-class

The most expensive cars often have the biggest monetary discounts and that’s the case for September with the Mercedes S-class. With an all-new S-class just around the corner, Mercedes is offering up to £7,200 off its big saloon to clear the way for the new model. Because the S-class range is so varied and most buyers are choosey about their exact car this is an across the range offer rather than for a specific version. However, it’s a 48 month PCP plan at 2.9% APR. Details

Lowest monthly payment: Dacia Sandero

Gone are the days rich with £99-a-month deals, but Dacia has managed it with the Sandero in Access Sce 75 form. You’ll get a very basic car at this money, but it would give you a 70-plate car that’s practical and functional. The 49-month PCP deal has a 6.9% APR and you’ll need an £860 deposit to get going. The final optional payment is £2,266. Details

Best deal under £200 a month: Jeep Renegade

Jeep’s smallest SUV, in 1.0-litre Night Eagle GSE form, has a very healthy discount of £3,000 off the list price – equivalent to 12%. On Jeep’s 48-month PCP scheme, and after a £4,439 deposit, the well-equipped SUV can be yours for £199 a month. The final optional payment is £7,837 and the representative APR is 3.9%. What’s more, Jeep is currently offering 12 months’ job loss protection. Details

Best deal under £300 a month: Subaru Forester

Coming in at £299 a month is the Subaru Forester is one of the toughest mid-size SUVs going. Subarus have legendary build quality and are exceedingly practical. This offer is on the Forrester eBoxer 2.0i XE – that’s the latest hybrid version – and has a £2,000 discount or deposit contribution. The PCP deal is over 36 months, has an APR of 4.9%, needs a £8,711 customer deposit and there’s an optional final payment of £18,098. Details

Best deal under £400 a month: BMW Z4

Summer may be on the way out, but for those looking for a convertible BMW is offering the Z4 sDrive20i Sport for £399 a month on its PCP scheme. BMW is offering £4,074 off the list price. Couple that to a customer deposit of £4,439 and convertible motoring can be yours for the next four years. The final optional payment on the 3.9% APR deal is £14,292. Details

Best small deposit: Peugeot 108

While most PCP finance deals require a hefty deposit, often in the form of your part exchange, Peugeot is offering its 108 city car in Active 1.0-litre form with a deposit of just £153. This is possible because Peugeot is offering a deposit contribution of £3,150 toward the deal. After that, it’s £173 a month for 48 months and then there’s the final £3,441 optional payment. A seriously low-cost way into a great little city car. Details

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