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Best Gifts For Petrolheads: 6th Day of December

Finding The Best Gifts For Petrolheads For The Holidays

On the Sixth Day of December, we continue our mission of finding the best car upgrades; which can be added to the best gifts for petrolheads list during the holiday season.

Today we have this superb universal heads-up display. It doesn't matter if your car doesn't have the latest tech. You can make it modern. This heads-up display is also a wireless phone charger as well as it can display GPS navigation. It has it all, how awesome is that?

Here are some characteristics of this heads-up display:

- Clear Image: Reflective panel is made of special organic material. It can reflect GPS HUD image very clearly without lowering head in front of your eyesight while keeping transparency at the same time, bringing safety, convenience, and joy for driving. Road view won't be sheltered offering views from different angles

- Adjustable Angle: Safety and convenience- The tape on the bottom of the foot is highly bonding, sticking tightly even on a dash. And adjusting the organic glass board to appropriate angle according to individual visual angle, ball, and socket type foot is 360 degrees rotate

- Safe: Vehicle cell phone accessory works with any smartphone with heads up display function no unsafe issue exists. The reflected image is displayed directly in the line of sight, allowing you to check speed settings and navigation instructions while keeping your eyes on the road

- HUD GPS Navigation DISPLAY: See-through screen does not obscure your vision while driving.

- Qi Wireless Charging: Now our latest HUD GPS Navigation Phone Holder comes complete with Qi Wireless Charging. Suitable for ALL MOBILE MAKES that will accept a wireless charge.

This such an essential item these days, especially if you constantly use your phone's navigation. In addition, it adds a modern feel to your car's interior.

You can find this heads-up display on Amazon:

USA: Heads-up Display

UK: Heads-up Display

Canada: Heads-up Display

Let us know what you think about this amazing item; and if you consider it as one of the best gifts for petrolheads in the comments below. In addition, tell us what do you think is an essential item for every petrolhead.

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