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This week I pick the Top 10 best Mercedes Benz models (according to me) throughout the years in no particular order. The last one might surprise you.

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I have never shied away from expressing how much I love the Mercedes Benz brand so I thought what better way to showcase my love for the three pointed star by sharing my picks of my favourite Mercedes models over the course of its existence. Im more of a ‘newer car’ type of guy so the oldest models you will find here are 1990’s ones though I did add in a few surprises along the way too. The last one for example is in fact not a car at all.

Mercedes E55 AMG

To me this car is a lot of things I want in a vehicle. I have seen them out and about in Zimbabwe which means they are attainable, they have space for me and my boys, a beefy V8 engine upfront and with brake calipers shared with the insane Mercedes SLR McLaren. Oh aannd... when it came out in 2004 it was the fastest sedan in the world and only second fastest in the American performance car market, only bested by the V10 rowdy Dodge Viper SRT 10.

Mercedes SLR McLaren

The clown shoe silhouette of a long hood and short deck further adds to the appeal in my book because few cars have these dimensions. It is a full fledged supercar with butterfly doors and a pretty much midengined layout. Said engine dishes out 617hp. With only a 2 157 made in its production run, it is actually appreciating in value as most can be seen for sale around $USD500,000 on average.

Mercedes SLS AMG

The SLR was so special that even its successor carries most of its genes and as a result, Im in love yet again. The SLS arrived in 2011 with even more flamboyant Gullwing doors. The rest of the recipe remained similar with a practically front midengine set up, rear wheel drive and an interior that will never fail to remind you that you have made it in life. Even when bought used they are well over $USD100, 000 still!

Mercedes 190E 2.5 - 16 Evolution II

Now lets take it back to the 90’s for some Mercedes classics. First off is the 190E 2.5 – 16 Evolution ll. Its a mouthful to say but boy does it make my heart flutter. This icon is a homologation vehicle, meaning it was the road legal version of the racing car in the DTM racing series of the time. The classic 80’s Mercedes design language, a gynormous wing and the fact that only 502 units were ever produced makes it the very definition of SPECIAL.

Mercedes 500E

The 500E not only changed the game for Mercedes, but for the entire car industry. It sparked a new segment. Its a segment which would look different if the 500E was not developed, and who knows, maybe my beloved E55 and E63 models wouldn’t exist. Yes Im of course talking about the high performance sedan segment. A few years after its release, the legendary BMW E39 M5 came along and I believe the restas they say, is history.

Mercedes CLS AMG

Let me introduce you to MY CRUSH at this moment. I am particularly fond of the second generation as seen here in the picture. Based on the E Class platform (in fact this and the E55 AMG are basically the same car underneath). As a result I see a lot of myself in the CLS, a more stylish and sexy body with solid performance underpinnings. The rear light design is especially hypnotic and the 4 door coupe design emphasized by the low sweeping roofline is to die for.

Mercedes G63

I included the "G" because of its story. It started out as an all capable farm vehicle and now, 40 years later its the symbol of luxury and wealth, yet it still maintans its offroad prowess. In fact the G Wagon seems to be quite good at staying true to itself as it still has the same boxy silhouette from its farm days and in the modern boujee versions, they are also good at holding on to their value pretty well. Its actually hard to find a cheap G wagon.

Mercedes A45 S AMG

This may be a surprise to some of you but I believe this hatchback marks a pivotal point in the new world we live in where super-hatchbacks are now 'a thing' as these mini rockets have the performance to beat supercars of yesteryear like the Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo and the Porsche 997 GT3 just to name a few.

Mercedes E63 S Wagon

This is in fact a perfect sleeper. This means to say that it has wicked performance but the overall design is somewhat understated. To the untrained eye it seems like a regular Mercedes Station Wagon, but when it takes off the line it is anything but subtle and just like the A45 I just mentioned, it has the ability to embarrass supercars whilst boasting plenty of space for people and luggage as well.

And speaking of space...

Mercedes Sprinter Van

I bet you didn’t see this one coming but think about it. The Sprinter is a very important model in Mercedes lineup. Yes its a van, but its a van that can be used for polar opposite things. Not only is it a great tool for carrying all sorts of junk, but it is also the vehicle of choice to ferry VVIP, whether its celebrities or business people. It does both dare I say it, perfectly.

What are your picks of your favourite Mercedes models? Let us know in the comments.

Author: Tinotenda Nyakudzuka

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  • My Mercedes top 10




    W126 500SEC

    W140 S Class

    G class gen 1 2 door

    Last Gen G 63 and 65

    C63 first gen (2008)

    Mercedes AMG GTR


      9 months ago