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Best (looking) Peugeots of them all?

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#1 - Peugeot 106 Rallye / GTi

The Peugeot 106 Rallye was the fewer frills, more thrills way of Peugeot and it certainly was brilliant. A supermini - very peppy engine - superb handling in the twisty's and best of all far more reliable than its other Peugeot siblings.

The 106 especially the Rallye and the GTi trims are gorgeous to look at ... I don't care what Peugeot haters may say but this is one of the very few cars that defined the art of a supermini car.

As for the looks, I mean, it has all you want in a car, swoops and curves - edgy and angular (in some places) - perfect wheel to body ratio - long wheelbase (very spacious interior) - just brilliant.

How cool does the 106 Rallye LOOKS compared to other peugeotS?

How do you like the look of it?

#2 - PEUGEOT 205 / GTi / T16 - Pikes Peak & Dakar

The 'Big Daddy' of all Peugeot's shall I say (don't refer to the car's size) - refer to the car's persona - it's presence - its legacy - I believe this is the Peugeot which gave Peugeot the respect in the eyes of car enthusiasts.

P.S. If you don't recognize this car or what history it beholds - just sod off and fly a kite instead and go buy a 1008 - you'll probably like it.

A flying 205 landing in the snow!!!? Are u mad??? But that how Peugeot Advertised this baby back in the 80s (Google it if that is unheard of :-P)

Apart from being a gorgeous and bad-ass supermini - this was a World Champion Rally Car (ever heard of Ari Vatanen? and Group B?) - a Pikes Peak winner (ever heard of the T16? and Ari Vatanen?) and also the conquerer of the Paris -Dakar Rally (ever hear of it? or Ari Vatanen?)

What a beauty.

How cool does the 205 LOOKS compared to other peugeotS?

How Do you like the look of it?

#3 - The italian job? - Peugeot 306 Rallye / GTi-6 / MAXI

Peugeot at this point of time is really putting out superminis which are just too good to resist. No matter the competition the cars like the Golf MK2 was putting out.

Honestly, one the most beautiful superminis ever made - probably also the prettiest in this list - this beauty was designed by the Leonarda Da Vinci's at a design/coachbuilding company called Pininfarina... never heard of it apparently.

Yes, if u drift away from its beauty -which is very hard indeed - you'll discover that this thing had its share of troubles (typical Peugeot) - but this car was again a very very very well handling car, peppy engines and ofcourse the looks........ would i put up with some of the Peugeotitis Syndrome for that? - Of course... Its just too pretty to pass.

Oh another thing, this darling was a master of a sport called rallying.... was quite successful on tarmac surface events in the World Rally Championship as well in the 90's - In hands of 2 tarmac maestros - GILLES PANIZZI and FRANCOIS DELECOUR - oh by the way the car which they used to compete was a FWD 306 MAXI - Sick!

How cool does the 306 LOOKS compared to other peugeotS?

How Do you like the look of it?

#4 Peugeot 405 & 406 - Elegance anyone?

Quick clarification - both these 2 are placed together firstly because I can do it and secondly they blood brothers - 406 is the evolution of the 405 and its in the 4 series so makes sense no?

Again, Peugeot made 2 cars which were just elegant to look at in every possible angle... I mean why cant today's cars be so pretty? I get it that aero plays a big part in today's design but this is hard to let go.

Both of them were designed by Pininfarina and it really shows - maybe not as good as the prancing horses but boy are they pretty - In fact the 406 was actually the Car of the Year in some regions - don't remember where - Google it.

Also... the 605 was a kind of a derivation (in design) of the 405 hence i'm not including that car - coz it looks exactly the same and because the 405 was so good.... the 605's sales was affected by the 405. Nevertheless, the 605 was also a very elegant looking Peugeot.

And ofcourse, Peugeot's million dollar investments in the world of motorsports did pay off... wins in the Paris Dakar Rally and the Legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was just inevitable.

Fun Fact: Peugeot again won the Pikes Peak with a 208 in the hands of Sebastian Loeb - but I'm not gonna include that coz ... lets be hones the 208 looks crap. Oh shit ... the new one looks cool...hmm...maybe I would include it.

How cool does the 405 LOOKS compared to other peugeotS?

How cool does the 406 LOOKS compared to other peugeotS?

How Do you like the look of it? 405

How Do you like the look of it? 406

#5 Peugeot 604 - THE S-CLASS CHALLENGER???

Yes you guessed it right ... Pininfarina design - again... thank you Peugeot.

I kinda like this boxy shape - looks very elegant. However, there was and is another thing this car looks like - it looks massive.

When it came along the critiques really praised the looks of the car - at the same time the enormous size was also taken into note - 'coz its quite hard not to notice - even in the pictures this looks mammoth.

Regardless, this was considered a very refined car indeed - A smooth and connected steering, outstanding ride quality, elegant design and best of all - modest cost - something you wouldn't expect to see in the Beemers, Jags and Mercs it was pitted against - and you know what - it bettered all of them in most areas. A competitor to the S-CLASS? Thats high praise people. Merci Peugeot. Merci.

How cool does the 604 LOOKS compared to other peugeOTS?

How Do you like the look of it? 604

All of these cars above are the best looking Peugeot's ever I think... just brilliant pieces of design from a car manufacturer who don't have a very good reputation of making pretty cars let alone reliable ones.

But they are coming back ... the new cars ... the 208, 508 - brilliant looking cars - reliable - very lovely to drive..... did you see the new Rifter??? what a cute looking MPV

I think, I could've added a few more to this list like the 908, 208 T16, 905, 508 Coupe, 208, RCZ, 404 Coupe, etc. there a few more, but i think these are the evergeen ones... do you agree? Rate...Comment...Down below.

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