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Yesterday, I uploaded a series of polls with one goal - to find out what the most popular luxury SUV is. I chose 8 leaders in the segment and put them together to fight to the death in an intense game of DriveTribe polls.

Let's see how it went, shall we?

8TH PLACE - Tesla Model X

Interesting but not altogether unsurprising. Out of 7 polls that it was featured in, up against all the others, it won none. According to you guys, you'd rather have A LEXUS than a fast, zero emission SUV that can drive itself. Go figure.

I say this was unsurprising because of the hatred electric vehicles get on this website. Hate me if you want, but I say EVs are underrated. Don't argue with me - save that for the comments. yeah ok I'll move on.

7TH PLACE - Lexus RX

Not so surprising given that the Lexus looks odd and is not really a car for driving diehards. Personally, I think it looks quite cool, but I can't say the design isn't polarising. As for the drive, I think that's probably Lexus' Achilles heel. They could be more popular than Mercedes, Audi, BMW, you name it, due to their unprecedented reliability and hi-tech interiors, but they're not, because they don't handle nearly as well as any of those three.


The old version of this car was great. I actually owned one until just over 6 months ago, a 2017 version with the 2.5 litre diesel engine. But what have they done with it now? The front is garnished with BMW's garish new grille, and the back just looks odd. The only cars that the X5 won against were the Lexus and the Tesla.

5TH PLACE - Jaguar F-Pace

I used to love this car, but it doesn't shine so brightly anymore. It used to bring a rare bit of British style and idiosyncrasy into the otherwise exclusively German (with the exception of the odd Land Rover) midsize SUV segment.

Over time, the F-Pace became a better car, but also became less good at being a Jag. It's no longer a car people bought for its looks, it's a car people buy because it has an up-to-date interior, is simple to use, is as practical as rivals, blah blah. This makes it easy to see why most people would just rather have an XC90 and be done with it...

4TH PLACE - Volvo XC90

Volvo still maintains its smart, sensible, safe vibe, but with far more style than it used to. I'm not very surprised that the vast majority would rather have one of these than a BMW X5. It's a very conventional vehicle, but it commands a sense of respect. Not through road presence, but through how comfortable, sensible and family-friendly it is.

3RD PLACE - Range Rover Sport

This car is many things - sporty, good-looking, practical, comfortable. Its only problem is image overkill - it gives off a far more douche-y vibe than a Range Rover or any of the other cars on this list really. I'm not surprised that it's up here though - it really is ice-cool.

2ND PLACE - Land Rover Defender

My opinion is that Land Rover modernised the Defender quite successfully. It keeps its off-road prowess and rugged looks, but with much more comfort and practicality. It's an SUV for people who like off-roaders, and a very successful one too.

1ST PLACE - Porsche Cayenne

How could it not win? The original fast SUV and the original SUV made by a sports car company, the Cayenne is easily Porsche's most popular car. In my opinion, it's one of the most stylish SUVs around, and one of the few SUVs that can turn my head when they drive by.

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