Best, Meh, Worst Racing Games of this Console Generation

The Best, the Blandest and the Worst. Secretly, the middle one is the worst game, though.

1y ago

So, I've "reviewed" all the racing titles of this generation before. So, what's my top pick? What's my worst? What's the blandest? Let's find out, shall we?

The Worst: I like to start here because things only get more positive. Anyway, I think the worst racing game of the PS4/Xbox One generation is...The Crew 2. Why? Because I just feel it's fallen into the trap that GTAV has which is giving out lots of "free" content that players have to pay either lots of time or lots of real world money for. But, the icing on the shit cake is The Crew 2 is a Ubisoft Gamed and therefore had a $100 Gold Edition which I bought, but because all the content has been free, the only thing the extra $40 got me so far is some bits for my character, some cars early and I got to play the game itself early. Really, I don't think that's worth it. There's no real season pass because...again all the content has been free so far. But, who knows maybe they'll over paid DLC finally. Like Gran Turismo Sport....only let's hope it's not as shit as that.

The Blandest: Gran Turismo Sport. Yeah. I said it. GTS is just okay. It's not super terrible. There's still cars to collect. The economy is...fine. just feels like it wants to be both an eSports game and a single player experience and I don't really think it succeeds at either that well. Notice Forza Motorsport 7 isn't sharing this spot, despite it's lack of being fixed 3-years later. And I think that's because...I mean, for one, I've managed to buy every car in Forza 7. They did a lot of things to improve the economy and...the cars and tracks are more interesting and I think it feels better.

The Best: Here's a phrase I never thought I'd say: Need For Speed is the best game of this generation. Specifically NFS Heat. Heat, is that culmination of all of Ghost Games previous failures and they managed to make something that's good....REALLY good. Yes, the stupid Synchronization error is pretty big grey cloud over the parade, but...Let me explain why Forza Horizon 4 is actually a decent game despite them trying to chase away the casual single players: It has no microtransactions...and it's essentially an MMO. So, because of that, they've had to completely rework how the in-game economy works and works it does. Although, the 10,000,000 credit cars are still annoying and the Auction House only helps a little bit.

But, not having microtransactions is why NFS Heat works as well. Yes, it's clear they had to rip them out mid way through development, but that forced them to rework the economy. Because, if you CAN'T pay for in-game money, then you can't have players only earn 17k a race. Something Ghost Games learned from NFS Payback, thankfully. If you restrict the flow of money too much, then it just becomes a tedious experience...Yes, I wish there were more races for NFS Heat, I was still enjoying what I had until the game decided I needed to start all over and stole all my cars. But...glaring bugs aside...NFS is still my pick and...Yes, a great game can have major bugs. Look at Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim...and GTAIV.

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