Best Of 2018 - The Dominant Golf Mk2 TFSi-R now with over 700Hp

Karl Schagerl and possibly the Ultimate Golf Mk2 of Hillclimb Racing, 2018 Austrian Champions

Karl Schagerl and his mighty VW Golf Mk2 continue their impressive march as one of the All Time Best Teams in Hillclimb Racing, conquering another Austrian Championship and seeing the car reach its most evolved Spec ever.

Now with the Ramler Motorsport tuned 2.0L TFSi engine unit developing an immense 700Hp/8.500Rpm and 720Nm of Torque and weighing only 960Kg, this Monster is starting to reach the pinnacle of its evolution and whenever it is not struggling with reliability issues ( such an extreme spec comes with some limitations.. ) it simply demolishes the competition it has in fron of it.

We hope that in 2019 we can see it against the other "Top Dogs" of the sport so we can really see who is the absolute fastest among the Monsters of European Hillclimb Racing. In the meanwhile, nothing like marvel at both the machine and Mr. Schagerl´s capablitites. This is a good one...

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