Best Of HillClimb Monsters - Prototypes Edition Part 1

    Silhouette type bodys and purpose built engineering underneath. HillClimb Racing creativity taken to its extreme

    Some of the best Silhouette, Prototype Monsters in Hillclimb Racing. Purpose built machines with spaceframed lightweight chassis and using some of the most outrageous engines that push the envelope engineering-wise.


    From a ZX12R engined Alpine A110, to a Nissan GTR engined Ford Focus made to conquer Pikes Peak, to a Rotary powered Mazda 3 all the way through a Lotus Elise and a FIAT 500 using V8´s that have their origin on the fusion of two Suzuki Hayabusa blocks, these are some of the wildest ideas ever to become reality in an already unhinged type of Motorsport.

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