Best Of Japanese HillClimb Monsters - The Touge Racers

Japan has produced some of the finest Models that drivers and tuners have transformed into true Hillclimb Monsters through the years

Hillclimb Racing and Japanese Cars are a perfect match with a lot of Iconic models coming from the Land of the Rising Sun that have been transformed into proper Hillclimb Monsters through the years. Adding to that, we have the whole Touge Racing movement and a fanbase that have watched Initial D and understand how exciting racing in Hill Roads is.

This is our way of celebrating exactly that. From the small but agile Ae86 and Starlet, to the Roadsters turned Race Cars like the MR-2, S2000 or Mx-5, all the way to "Godzilla" GT-R in its different (but always powerful) versions, these are some of the best "Touge Monsters" that we seen tackling the competitive Hillclimb Racing World.

We hope to see many more in the future. And both car cultures continuing this "fusion". The results are always spectacular as we can see...

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