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Here's all the best of DriveTribe's Motorsport Community for November

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Motorsport Community is DriveTribe's home for motorsport. It's a large community welcoming anyone with a passion for the subject. Every month, there's lots of great content from a variety of great writers. Here's some of the best for the past two months.

'Toyota's secret motorsport museum' - Georg Blink

It's the first piece on DriveTribe for Georg Blink, and it's very good. The Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is a museum in Cologne that you might not be familiar with. Georg leads his own tour, showcasing some of the best of the incredible collection, ranging from rally to F1 to LMP1 and more. There's also a short walkthrough video to truly show the space and the sounds of the cars.

'NASCAR may be hitting public roads from 2021' - Angus Martin

NASCAR has arrangements to race at its many tracks. However, a lot of those run out in the upcoming years. Contributor Angus Martin looks at the idea that the series might try to "radically change the sport’s identity" and move to racing on street circuits, like IndyCar and IMSA. Angus looks at why that might make sense. Plus, to see which tracks should be bumped off, rank all the tracks on the current NASCAR calendar.

'The second American civil war – Indy/CART split' - Duncan Leahy

Tribe leader Duncan Leahy wrote one of my favorite reads in a while. The split of the Indy Racing League and CART shook the American racing world, with impacts still lasting today. Here's the story of that split, and how IndyCar rose out of the ashes, with the help of Roger Penske. Plus, Duncan predicts what Penske will do with the ownership of the series. It's a great read. Also, check out that Indy-racing Porsche in the hero image - that's an interesting story, too.

'3 of the best "rule bends" in motorsport' - Joseph Le Corre

Contributor Joseph Le Corre takes a look at some of the best examples of the other side of motorsport - teams willing to go to incredible lengths to win. These are some of the greatest cheats in motorsport, and they all went unnoticed for some time. The list features some incredible cheats from incredible figures, in Smokey Yunick, Roger Penske, and Toyota.

'Here's why you should go karting' - Aarón Pérez Torrez

Aarón Pérez Torrez writes about his experience with karting. He explains why karting is "pure racing in disguise" and how enjoyed his day out karting. It's the racing, he explains, that Ayrton Senna liked his karting days more than any other because of the purity. If you've never been karting, Aarón's post will change your mind.

If you haven't already, join DriveTribe's Motorsport Community and join incredibly passionate writers and motorsport fans across the globe. Keep following the tribe for more great content, and follow the writers for more from them. Also, thanks to Jan Wagner for the incredible hero image above. Thanks to everyone involved in Motorsport Community for another great two months.

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