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    "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Rubyyyy!"

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    Most of the Chrysler 300s I see around town are either bone stock or riding on wheels that are 20 inches bigger than they should be. That is until I saw Marco's 300 SRT8.

    He nicknamed her Ruby and I think it's easy to see why. This thing may not be on fire but it's certainly hot. The wheels compliment the paintjob, it doesn't have excessive camber and it's been well maintained overall.

    When Marco saw this car, he was actually at the dealership to test drive another car. Somebody else then decided to take her out for a test drive and when he saw this fireball pass by, it was love at first sight. He knew he had to get it and he did just that.

    His end goal was to make Ruby the most iconic Chrysler 300 in California and I'd say he's doing well so far. Pretty much everything you see on the car is custom: custom stereo, wheels, decals, trim & grill paint and self-made lights.

    Self-made lights? Oh yes. Marco bought some LEDs and taught himself how to solder. Not only does that make the build as a whole cheaper than it would be with pre-built light kits, but it adds another personal touch to the car. The work has paid off in plenty of awards including best in show, best wheels, best paint and of course, best lights.

    The whole setup cost around $5,000 but it's not done yet. He doesn't plan to sell it but instead wants to build it further and focus on the engine next. This car already pushes around 400+ HP stock so I can't wait to see how many more ponies he will get out of it.

    Thanks once again to Marco for letting me show off his cool car! What do you guys think of it? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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