Best S550 Colors

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Throughout the years Ford has had some interesting colors available for the Mustang. From "Gotta Have it Green" to the infamous "Mystichrome" found on the 2004 SVT Cobras.

The S550 has already seen it's fair share of incredible colors as well including Competition Orange, Guard, Grabber Blue, Platinum White and other new colors.

Ford has also stepped up their appearance options and packages with the black painted roof, stripes, blackout packages, California Special among many other options they made available from the factory to give your Stang a more personal look straight from the factory.

Customization is nothing new to the Mustang scene. Being in world we live in today, with access to the technology we have, it's fairly easy to completely change the look of your car. With colored wraps being more accessible and easier to apply than ever now, there are very unique colors available without having to go through the process of painting the entire car. This has allowed many people to wrap their car in colors that weren't previously available to them without spending a fortune on a complete paint job.

So what's your favorite color on an S550? Is it a factory paint job? A wrap? Custom paint job? Or even a graphics package/stripe combo that you like best? Comment below or make a new post with a few pictures!

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  • The car specs here in the U.K. Are a bit different to the US in that we don't get packs like you guys, we just get the 5.0 or the Ecoboost. I've ordered the 5.0 so it comes with brembos as standard, the only options were better sound system, reversing camera etc. So yes I'll be cleaning the wheels a lot!

    2 years ago
  • I feel the same way Joe, I've probably washed mine almost as many times as I've filled up haha

    2 years ago


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