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Best Scene from Season 1 of the Grand Tour

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With Season 2 of the Grand Tour scheduled to be released next month, it’s a good time to take a look back at the first season of our beloved show, and there is no better place to start than to consider which scene was the best in the series.

The Grand Tour Episode 1 Mustangs

For me, the single best scene in the entire series is the opening sequence from Episode 1, “The Holy Trinity.” This is where Jeremy Clarkson silently walks through the rain in London to take an airplane to Los Angeles, where he finds a beautiful blue Ford Mustang in a deserted parking structure. The amazing background song, “I Can See Clearly Now,” is played by the Irish rock band, Hothouse Flowers. The cinema photography, the directing, and the story behind the intro, all made for an amazing opening sequence that would be hard for anyone to improve upon.

It’s clear that the producers were trying to give us, the fans, the best possible opening sequence they could! Amazon has stated that this opening sequence cost $3.2 million (£2.5 million) to produce, making it the most expensive scene in the history of television! Thank you Amazon!

Opening Scene of the Grand Tour Facts via WeVideo

Apparently, the efforts of the staff and producers of the Grand Tour worked! Because, according to Wikipedia, the opening weekend for Episode 1 of the Grand Tour had a viewership of 1,954,000. This was triple that of The Man in the High Castle; which had previously been the most watched show on Amazon Video. That is an amazing accomplishment!

Desert Car Scene from the Grand Tour Episode 1

So what was your favorite scene from Season 1 of the Grand Tour?

Keep driving sober my friends!

My thanks, as always, to Larry for his help with this article.

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  • I have to agree with the opening of the first episode being the best scene. It had a very strong emotional impact and it was beautifully done. From the music, to the scenery, to the stage entrance etc etc... I can see this scene over and over and still like it

    2 years ago
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  • I remember someone commented, "Why am I crying? This is a car show."

    2 years ago
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