Best Songs to Listen To to Keep Road Rage At Bay

... and to soothe your soul when road rage rears its ugly head

3y ago

In the now distant year of 2017 I wrote an article about How To Avoid Road Rage which looked at many possible aspects, such as complaining about another driver to your Gecko Of Good Fortune. In the end I sensibly concluded that the best way to calm road rage is by singing along to music - with a fine tune in your ears and jamming along to your favourite songs the world is bright, traffic is not rubbish, and all is well.

What I had not realised was that I had left the hopeful reader with nothing to work with ...

This was like a fitness blog post that stated that you should run a marathon in order to avoid a heart-attack but did not give you any advice how to train for one. Thus, I sat down and browsed through my rather gigantic music library to create a playlist that would soothe everybody's soul should they ever feel the need to chop of another driver’s head.

After a few hours of musical delight and a little bit of awfulness, I had a 10 song playlist that would soothe your soul when road rage rears its ugly head.

Generally, I stuck to pop music, and made sure that the song does not have an aggressive music nor lyrics.

I added “Bad Day” as a reminder that everyone can have a bad day, and just because they forgot to indicate in the roundabout they should not be disowned … yet. The same with "How To Save A Life", the steady reminder that if you keep calm, your life is going to be better and saved. Meanwhile, James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” is there to tell you that you are beautiful, loved and an important part of this society. I think “Calm Down” is self-explanatory.

For those with a “Spotify” I have made the playlist public and you can have a listen to it here.

Enjoy, and keep on driving with a calm soul!

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Comments (9)

  • I know you said pop, but how about Pachebel's Canon. Or the Elizabethan Serenade by Binge.

      3 years ago
    • I am going to check them out and judge professionally.

      You are more than welcome to share your own Soothing Road Rage With, er, Older Music Playlist. if you want to. :)

        3 years ago
    • Heyyy, "older music" is nice as well and soothing!

        3 years ago
  • Nicely done Susanne, now we know how to train for a marathon, I mean control our road rage. Great touch adding Bad day in there because everyone has bad days!

      3 years ago