Better Than Ever : ThitichaiTalks #3 : All-New 2020 Toyota Hiace Commuter Debut!

Hello And Welcome to my New episode of ThitichaiTalks,

Today I'm gonna talking about this Long-Awaited 15 Years Long-Awaited Toyota HiAce & Commuter Debuted Yesterday.

This is my last time to seating on this old one? Maybe?

Yep, This is the inside of the old 2015 Commuter, And myself as typical public transport users and I use this often times as everyday transport.

The previous generation is very popular with Private Joint Bus, School Van, Rental Van, And People Movers. Picture Credit : PostToday.com

And now, Back to the all-new HiAce Commuter.

Every HiAce Model from the Past.

For the past 50 Years, The HiAce Has been sold for 6.3 Million HiAces over 150 countries Worldwide

And now, This is the 6th Generation Of the HiAce line, Codename : H300, Big Changes on this Gen, As you notice very easily that exterior styling has been redesigned. And for the First-Time Ever to change the engine placement to the front, rather than the previous gen Mid-Engine

The new engine placement also gave us The New Semi-Bonnet Cabin to improve the ride's quietness and absorbs impact from collisions.

And the Safety is the main feature of this Generation, The All-New 2020 HiAce & Commuter had a Standard 3 SRS Airbags, Annular Frame Structure, And typical Standard Safety System like ; Traction Control, Stability Control, 4 Wheels Ventilated Disc Brake with 4 Channel Anti-Lock Brakes, And Hill Start Assist Control.

And the old 3.0 1KD Turbo Diesel and 2.7 VVT-i Petrol is no longer offered, Only 1 Engine offered is The New 2.8 Liter 1GD Turbo Diesel From the latest Hilux. The power output is little bit lower than the Hilux : 163 Horsepower @ 3600 RPM. and the impressive 310 lb⋅ft (420 N⋅m) @ 1600 to 2200 RPM. Sent the power to The New 6 Speed Transmission Both Manual And Sequential-Shift Automatic. And B20 Bio Diesel Fuel Compatible.

And Sad News for the V6 Lovers : TMT Said 7GR-FKS V6 Petrol Version is not available.

The Suspension is handled by Front McPherson Strut and The New Rear Leaf Spring Setup with the 200 millimeter (7.8 inches) longer spring that gave 30% More Flexible and more smoother ride and less vibration,

And in the cabin is more roomy and airy than ever, with the new 4-row rear fabric seats with the wide clear glass window all around, and it can be use for emergency exit way when you having an traffic accident. total out of 15 passenger with the great headroom.

And great convenience and standard feature for all people such as ; Overhead storage compartment and also under the front seat, step light, Front And Rear Air Conditioning, 2 12V Power Outlet, Central Locking, And much more.

The Gallery.

Walk-Around Footage.

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The Pricing And My Summary.

Base HiAce ECO Cargo Van 6MT : 999,000 Thai Baht.

HiAce GL Wagon Low Roof 6MT : 1,079,000 Thai Baht.

HiAce Commuter Wagon High Roof 6MT : 1,269,000 Thai Baht

If you want an 6AT ; Add 30,000 Thai Baht More. (HiAce Commuter Only)

The HiAce Commuter is available in the dealer's lot in June 15.

For those of who want the HiAce GL and Cargo van, You have to wait until August.

As my summary...

Heartbeat Rate : 9.7/10 : I'm pretty much excited about this long-awaited HiAce and Commuter I tried to find a minus sign of this van, but just only which the more powerful V6 and color is too few, But hey it's typical of this type.

I'm gonna end this episode by the simply said ;

This is the Safest HiAce Commuter Ever, Better Than Ever. :)