Between 300 and 200

Driving 200 mph is bucket list material for every petrolhead. On the continent the magic number comes easier at only 300 km/h, which is 186 mph.

2y ago


Let me start by making a confession. I am not a member of the 200 mph club, yet. Let's just say I am in transition between the 300 km/h club and the 200 mph club. With 190 mph (307 km/h) I am getting there, but I still have to crack the double ton.

A big advantage of being an automotive journalist is easy access to a multitude of very fast cars. Living close to the German border is another big advantage, but modern-day traffic is not. I lost count of the amount of times that I crossed the border, driving a 500+ horsepower street rocket, only to get stuck behind Dutch tourists hauling their mobile home at a frustrating 80 km/h (49 mph) in the left lane.

All those missed opportunities only added up to the excitement of finally reaching 302 km/h while driving a 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 on my way to an Aral gas station for some Ultimate 102 octane. On the way back the 4.0 flat-six screamed all the way up to 307 km/h (190 mph), just before I hit the brake at full force while flashing past the 100 km/h sign at the Dutch border.

It will inevitably take dozens of times to reach the next bucket list item, but until I finally drive at that magic speed of 200 mph, I will enjoy every moment trying to reach it.

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  • I can’t imagine going that fast.

      2 years ago