Beware: The brutal Ford Mustang Shelby is here

Let the race begin!

38w ago

There are several bonified performance oriented cars that Ford is eminent for globally and in the UAE as well. One of those is the Ford GT, which can maraud any pseudo-coupe of its sheen. However, if that seems too expensive to order and run, the company has just launched its cracker that is ready to set the roads on fire which can shed almost equal smiles per hour if not miles per hour compared to the GT.

As we all know it, it's christened the Mustang Shelby GT-500 and brings with it 760 thoroughbred American horses for an unbelievable outburst of power. It gets past the line and touches 160 Km/h in a bewildering 3.5 seconds thanks to 625 lb-ft (847 Nm) of torque which is unleashed through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

With every Shelby, we have seen a fair share of dissimilarities against the 'normal' Mustang and this eon is no exception to that. Shelby signature cues include stripes on the hood, the snake emblem on the grille which itself is a lot more accentuated than its tamed sibling, a hood scoop, blackened wing mirrors and wheels and a boot-mounted spoiler which ensure that even on an informal inspection, nobody commits the sin of calling it the standard Mustang.

What comes as a surprise is that we are getting the pre-facelifted model which flanks trapezoidal headlamps and slightly tweaked LED taillamp design. Nonetheless, that won't let the enthusiasm wane away one bit as the toot from the dual exhausts with quad tips won't be anything less than music to the ears. This deafening sound is a mix of both, the engine and 2.65 litre Eaton supercharger on top of it.

Ford has already delivered the first Mustang Shelby GT-500 to a proud and lucky owner in Abu Dhabi and say that there is a limited number of units available which means you will have to be quick to seize the opportunity this time. The Shelby makes a return to our shores after a six-year hiatus and is better than ever before. At AED 425,000 it is expensive but I reckon it's a lot lesser value compared to what we fans have for it in our hearts.

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