BIG BANG THEORY. Lucky Cat’s ‘Bombinette’ BMW Sprint Racer

Tick tick tick tick BOOM...

3y ago

The European ‘Sultans of Sprint’ race series is open to anyone with an air-cooled European twin and a penchant for insanity. Rather than just awarding points for running the quickest time down the short-range drag strip, extra marks are given for bike presentation, hair-raising moments on the track and how much the support crew drinks the night before the race meet. Having another crack at the title is France’s Lucky Cat Garage with their incredible Boxer-powered custom dubbed ‘The Bombinette’.

About now is when we’d mention what year the Bombinette is, but with this particular build it’s damn hard to do. It’s powered by a cacophony of parts from across the BMW range, assembled by the wunderkinds from Edelweiss Motorsport in Germany. R100GS heads are mounted to a R100RS crankcase with lightened and modified pistons, valves, rocker arms, pushrods, cams and crankshaft… you name it and it’s been messed with.


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