- Here is a lovely example of the legendary mini cooper. This one is in a lovely brown and is very clean. I'm pretty sure it is an Austin mini from the sixties

Big Legacy, Small car

In the early sixties many cars came to life. Arguably the most revolutionary is this, the mini cooper. It may be small, but its legacy was much bigger

The First mini rolled of the production line in 1959, but the Iconic design of this car stayed prevalent and virtually unchanged until 2000. The car was designed to be fuel efficient to make it functional as a daily use car. It also had to be small and maneuverable to suit city life in Britain, and all around the world. Small cars were no new thing in 1959, but that wasn't what made the mini special. It could fit 4 regular sized adults (this was the 60's, back when being fat was considered a bad thing) which was an amazing feat for such a small car. This was accomplished by the mini's superior use of space. It was ingenious designed so it could use what little space it had well. As I said, it could fit 4 adults in some comfort, which is no easy task for a car that is approximately 120 inches long. This was accomplished by putting the engine sideways. It was a front wheel drive car which meant it didn't have a drive shaft allowing it to have more space in the back as wheel. It was space efficient, compact, and fuel efficient, but it doesn't stop there. The mini's wheels where on the corners of the car which allowed it to have crazy good handling and be very nimble. This soon led to the mini making a name for itself in the world of rally racing. It wasn't the most powerful car, like many other legends of rally, but It was immensely nimble and could corner unlike any other rally car. This led to it winning the Monte Carlo rally many times, and established it as not just an efficient car for everyday use, but also as a racing legend. It could be considered the icon of classic rally, or at least comparable to other cars like the quattro of group B, and the lancia stratos, along with the iconic Subaru. It was an Icon of British engineering, and easily the most iconic car to ever come from that island we call Britain. Few cars can compare to it. It was so good, It stayed the same in design for 40 years, that is how successful it was. And in the 2000's, mini cooper became its own company and released the new lineup of mini's (but who gives a crap). It is one of the most widely known cars of all time, and primarily because of how small it is. It is One of the biggest legacy's in car history, and comes from one of histories smallest cars.

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