This week i dive into the archives for some rose tinted appreciation of my favorite movie cars of all time- Some perfect quarantine viewing!

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If there is one thing that is sure to leave a car shaped imprint on a young petrol heads brain it's the movies. No matter how old we are there will have been a point in our youth or childhood that we sat down to watch a film and a certain scene and certain car appeared that left our arms covered in Goosebumps and turning round to our parents saying, "One day I'll have one of those." As a 19 year old in the UK, you'd be forgiven for thinking my big screen heroes are of a JDM, Fast and Furious, origin.- Not in my house. Coming from a trucking family, The Saturday night films in my house were a very American affair. Coming from the classic American road movies such as Convoy and the cannonball run, (nearly) all my selections are long, loud, burbling brutes that fly the stars and stripes with pride. Welcome to my dream movie garage.

#1. 1977 Pontiac Trans Am- The Bandit.

This list isn't in order however this car is officially my number one and a "Bandit" Trans Am is a car i would genuinely love to own one day. For me nothing beats the iconic black and gold trans-am being driven by the legend Burt Reynolds with the sheriff in hot pursuit! An epic car, an epic cast and an epic soundtrack. This film (the original that is!) is something that leaves me happy every time i watch it and has left the same country music and muscle car imprint on plenty of truckers and car enthusiasts all over the world for the past 40 odd years. My perfect Trans-Am? A Resto-mod just like gas monkey completed with all original bodywork however sat on modern LS running gear. Oh, and a Kenworth to transport it with too!

#2. 1976 Ford Gran Torino- Starsky and Hutch

Nothing paints a picture of a classic American crime series (later a 2004 movie) than a big block muscle car sliding around a city in pursuit of some chumps. Although not a "car" film as such, the 2004 Starsky and Hutch film, starring Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, is such a brilliant film that pays tribute to the original series perfectly. Just like in the original series, the Gran Torino plays such an important role and watching this huge American boat hoon around bay city in a flash of red and white brings a smile to my face even to this day. As an undercover cop vehicle i can't think of anything more obnoxious however that's another reason i love it. Just another vehicle that planted my roots even deeper in my love of American Muscle and Fast Fords.

#3. GMC Sierra- The Fall Guy

Okay so the TV series "The Fall Guy" never made it to the silver screen however our man Colt Seavers GMC Sierra is a truck that just needed to make it onto my list. Admittedly, the Sierra is the vehicle i know the least about on this list but is so stupid that i love the hell out of it and is easily one of my favourites. Of course, it was the iconic scene of this truck jumping over a Porsche 911 that sold it for me but come on, a jacked up square body with a V8 on chrome wheels and 35" tyres- What's not to like??

#4. 1969 Dodge Charger- The Dukes of Hazzard

The hero image of this article and it would be a crime to not include the General Lee in this list! Now, the movie wasn't to everyone's taste and neither is the rooftop art however neither of these things phase me. As far as the confederate flag is concerned it's part of the original General Lee cars heritage and it would be wrong to see the orange charger without this livery. Out of everything on this list, this is the only vehicle I've managed to experience in person and it's safe to say that it lived up to every expectation. Not much can make you feel like more of a cowboy moonshine runner than the General and, with the addition of a Dixie horn and straight pipe, everyone will know you're coming.

#5. Toyota Hilux SR5- Back to the Future

Say the words "Back to the Future car" to anyone and they automatically think of the Delorean, and with good reason- Not me though. For me my favorite part of this fantastic trilogy is Marty's own Toyota Hilux SR5. The only non-American car on the list however very Americanized to appeal to viewers.- Something it still managed to do to me 20 years later thanks to those KC lights and All terrain tyres with black and chrome wheels- A timeless look. This truck doesn't get the most screen time in comparison to the others but is something that still holds a place in my heart for my love of Americana and 4 wheel drives.


Well then, there we have it, there's my list. I know all of these cars are all of a certain niche that may not be to everyone's tastes however they are what i love and are the vehicles that shaped my motoring love and if it wasn't for them my love of cars may not be what it is today. This is a feeling that i think everyone can relate to with a vehicle from something they have watched at a point in their lives and i would love to hear your thoughts. What are your favorite movie/ TV cars? Oh, and if your struggling to find something to brighten up your day during these strange times then go on, dig out your favorite car film and let the years roll back to a simpler time. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, right?

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