After the success of my last article, i have decided to bring back the big screen heroes for round 2! Let the battle commence!

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As i said in my article last week, there is a certain magic of the movies that can cast certain cars in a way that enchants us for a lifetime. In part 1, the stars of the show were all cast from classic films and TV series from way back before my time. This week however it's time to bring it back home with something a bit more "millennial." This time I'm casting my view over my favorite big screen heroes of the past 20 years- 2000 to the present day.

#1. 2014 Ford Mustang GT- Need for Speed

If it wasn't already clear from part 1, I'm a sucker for an American V8- especially a mustang- and the 2014 Need for Speed Movie filled all of my childhood dreams in one. Some people love it and others hate it, however i feel this film is the closest modern equivalent to a classic American road movie that you'll find. I fell in love with this Mustang when i was 15 years old thanks to its broad shoulders which carry those muscle car looks with pride, as well as all action camera work that put this car on a pedestal that nothing else could come close to. So much so I'm still intent on getting one of my own some day, and its all thanks to Toby Marshall at the wheel of the chariot of the gods.

#2. Mk4 Toyota Supra- Fast and Furious 7

Mention Fast and Furious car to someone and the automatic thought will be "Supra"- But for me not the one you're all thinking of. The original F&F may have came out the year i was born but it is the last Supra to be seen in one of the iconic franchises films that tugs at my heart strings the most. Not least as it's featured in the final scene of legend Paul walker that had all car enthusiasts looking for a box of tissues, but because this is exactly what I'd do to a Supra. The first F&F Supra was an asbo orange with neon's and a livery and was everything the early 2000's car scene was about however this car is the perfect evolution of where the car scene has gone in the past 17 years. Clean stock body lines, complementary colours and the perfect BBS wheel setup for any car. This to me is perfect Supra and for that reason is why its made my list of big screen heroes.

#3. 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 "Eleanor"- Gone in 60 seconds

The 2000 remake of Gone in 60 seconds has gone down in history as one of the best car movies there is and has me listening to low-rider every time I've watched it. There is no way i couldn't include this car as, just like in the movie, the real life versions of the car are unicorns and even non enthusiasts love this thing- The power of a V8 right? Not only does this car tie together classic elegance and muscle looks in one package, but is also the hero in one of the best cinema chase scenes of my lifetime.

#4. GMC Top kick- Transformers

The original Transformers movie is a brilliant film full stop and every single vehicle in it is amazing in its own right. I wish i could have picked all of them however there could only be one winner- Ironhide. As shown in part 1 i have a love of American pickups and nothing shouts badass quite like a Topkick! Based on the Chevy Kodiak, the Topkick is a closer relative to HGV than a pickup, (it is American of course!) and that makes it even better. Rolling shots from the film (as above) show the GMC in a light that can make even the most sensible of people think that 8.0 Diesels are cool and you already know that something is about to go down when Ironhide rolls into town!

#5. Hawkeye Subaru WRX- Baby Driver

Time for something to bring us down to our roots. Not all of us are in a position to own a muscle car however for all of us millennials the thought of hooning a Subaru around a city sounds like a very appealing prospect. The magic of this car is how relevant it is. Believe it or not, not everybody has a chrome Lamborghini or a 1000bhp muscle car as we are shown in modern films all too often. We can however, all relate to a young kid in his Subaru and all he wants to do is listen to his music and drive- And boy can he drive! He may be a running getaway driver, but here is a certain teenage freedom behind the wheel that takes all of us back to a time when we got our first "fast" car and thought we were Colin McCrae. A time I'm living in right now!

Final Thoughts

Car films are few and far between these days however when they come about we jump on them like animals. No matter how questionable the acting we can see past it as long as there's a nice set of wheels at the heart of it. Just like the first one, These cars may not be everybody's choices or tastes, but they are the cars that have impacted me across the years and reflect my tastes turning me into the enthusiast that i am today. Thank you for reading and let me know, What is your favorite Modern Movie Hero?

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